Kurt – Tikit Supermodel!

30 04 2010

Kurt graces the 2010 Bike Friday Catalogue cover on a Season Tikit...

Bike Friday eTikit Review – Part 2

29 04 2010

Temporary front mounted battery setup on eTikit...

I’ve given back the blue eTikit shown above, but before I did Kurt rigged up a temporary front mounted battery configuration to test out.  I also installed the 209 [standard] motor in place of the 206 [high speed] motor.  Kurt used tape and some stiff plastic to rig this up on a single pannier Bike Friday Tikit front rack.

Cabling is minimized...

As mentioned in my Part 1 eTikit review by placing the battery and speed controller directly over motor you are able to reduce the length of cable and its vulnerability significantly.  Folding the bike is simplified and handling is slowed down a bit. This will make installing an eTikit kit of your bike much easier and will also allow you to swap out the motor and battery/speed controller very quickly if you want to pedal your Tikit without the e-assist.

Max speed with this [209] was slower at ~30kph.  I didn’t have time to do a range test with this motor, but Kurt did one using both the 206 and 209 motors and the 5.6Ah battery which we will discuss in Part 3 of this review.  I did notice slightly more torque with this motor vs. the 206 motor, but not enough to justify the loss in speed.  If I was buying an eTikit kit I would definitely get the 206 high speed motor.

Production setup will feature a custom bag and a 2 pannier front rack....

Having used the eTikit with both a rear rack mounted battery/speed controller configuration and this front mounted setup I would definitely want a front mounted eTikit.  The slower handling is not an issue after 2mins of riding the bike once you’ve gotten used to it.  Once Ken has the production setup ready you should be able to use two front panniers on your Tikit without affecting the eTikit components.

2 pannier front rack provides a better mounting platform...

Note that you can simply put the battery/speed controller in a pannier on the right side of a single pannier Tikit front rack, but a 2 pannier front rack like the one shown above provides a better platform and by mounting the battery directly above the wheel you have no negative affect on the bike’s handling vs. putting all that weight on one side.

A third alternative is to mount the battery on the steerer tube/stem for use on a Tikit with no front rack.  Kurt tried this and we’ll discuss the pros and cons in Part 3 of this review.

Hammerschmidt without ISCG Tabs…

28 04 2010

Photo: Cosmoworks @ MTBR.com

The Santa Cruz Nomad Mk1 doesn’t have ISCG tabs on the BB so you can’t mount a Hammerschmidt 2 speed crankset.  Well you can’t unless you are a super crafty DIY commando.  Cosmoworks the MTBR.com member who came up with an 8″ DIY mod for the Nomad also came up with this smart hack that allows you to run an ISCG adapter on your MK1 Nomad and then install a Hammerschmidt.

Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

As you’ll see in the thread this concept can be used to hack other bikes without ISCG tabs like the Heckler.

Photo: Cosmoworks @ MTBR.com

8″ Travel SC Nomad

27 04 2010

Photo: Cosmoworks @ MTBR.com

Wouldn’t you love an 8″ travel Santa Cruz Nomad that still pedals nicely uphill?  I would!  Well a crafty member [Cosmoworks] over at MTBR.com has come up with a slick DIY option to make that change possible.  Very impressive…read more here.

TV Sucks…

26 04 2010

...it's true...

That’s my girl…

26 04 2010

Sharon learning to drop in...

I’ve been talking to my GF Sharon about getting a mountain bike lately.  Two things that made me happy:

  1. was she understands why a $3K bike is a better choice for her [lighter & better suspension]
  2. she wants a bike that can go DH confidently and we’ll worry about the climbing 2nd

Smart girl…for $3K she can get a Santa Cruz Nomad which goes up and down well while not weighing a ton.

The downside is she doesn’t have $3K burning a hole in her pocket so we probably have to save until next spring – unless a nice used bike comes along.  That’s fine quality is worth the wait…=-)

My balls are tiny…

25 04 2010

"V" for victory!

My GF Sharon is a squash fanatic [green top in video below]…I mean that in the best sense of the word…especially since I’m a self-proclaimed bike nut…=-)  She just won the city inter-club championships so I figured I better get my butt in gear and jump in the court.  I used to play squash [poorly] in university and my army days, but haven’t played in at least 10 years.

Although I may joke that any sport played in a 20′ x 20′ room can’t be that hard the reality squash is pretty difficult.  Happily it’s not hard to hit the ball and at least participate if you opponent isn’t super good or they are taking it easy on you.  What’s hard is playing effortlessly when the ball is zinging around like a mouse on crack and your opponent is out for blood.


Cross-training is good for you.  Doing the same activity endlessly no matter how much fun….not so good!

Damn that glass wall!

The good thing is that Sharon will crush me on the squash court for a long time if not forever so she’ll have a forum to get even with me for those times I ride too hard/aggressively when we are out on our bikes…=-)  Turn around is fair play!

My balls...don't let their size fool you....=-)