Crank Brothers Joplin R Broken

12 04 2010

My Santa Cruz Nomad & Crank Bros Joplin R

One of the best parts of my Santa Cruz Nomad mountain bike is the Crank Brothers Joplin R adjustable seatpost. Being able to raise and lower my saddle at will [up to 100 times on a 4hr ride!] is so amazingly helpful that I’d be hard pressed to ever ride a mountain bike without something similar.

Click here for my review of the Joplin R after my Moab/Sedona trip last year.

Darn we have an oil leak!

This post has been through thousands of cycles and has taken a lot of abuse in the 14 months I’ve owned it.  It has received exactly zero maintenance in that time.  As I was putting my Nomad away today I noticed oil leaking profusely out of the seal where the inner and outer post meet [shown in image above].  I checked the Joplin R FAQ and it’s one of two problems – both of which are repairable.  Happily I’m still within the 2 year warranty so it will go back to my LBS for service.

Ultimately I’d rather ride my bikes lots and break stuff than ride less a never have any problems!…=-)

More oil!

Although I don’t love when expensive bike parts break I have to say that the pounding this post gets is extreme and I don’t feel particularly hard done by.  The only real drag will be going back to the stock Thompson non-adjustable seatpost while I get the Joplin fixed…the horror…the horror!  Hopefully they can fix it right at my LBS so I won’t go too deep into withdrawal…=-)

Crank Bros Joplin R - looking minty fresh!

If you are a mountain biker that rides technical terrain you really need to try an adjustable seatpost.  It will revolutionize your riding guaranteed!  My Joplin only has a 3″ range, but Crank Brothers now have a Joplin 4 R with 4″ of range….sweet!  I may buy one in the next year or two and keep the existing post as a spare so we don’t get caught out on a road trip.

Anatomy of a Joplin R



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13 05 2010
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