The Fat Tire Bike Shop – Sedona

5 03 2009
The Fat Tire Bike Shop - Sedona AZ

The Fat Tire Bike Shop - Sedona AZ

The Fat Tire bike shop is a small one man operation in Sedona Arizona.  The owner, Dave Cichan, is a super friendly guy who is extremely passionate about bikes.  That in itself is not remarkable in the bike industry, but he backs up his passion with a deep knowledge of how modern bike designs work.

To give you an example I was having issues with my front tire washing out in turns – which was frustrating and scary.  I mentioned it to him after the Tuesday night ride expecting a quick suggestion on how to resolve the problem.  Instead we spent well over an hour as he showed me CAD renderings of bike suspension designs, leverage and sag curves – all  the while applying this theoretical knowledge to adjust the suspension on my Nomad.  After we adjusted everything I rode the bike and it was a completely different experience.  I could turn hard on the gravel parking lot and instead of washing out, the tire dug in and the bike carved.  Dave jumped on it and decided we were most of the way there, but needed to tweak the suspension a bit more – so he took even more time to make changes.  Keep in mind this whole time the rest of the ride group is chatting, drinking beer and generally carrying on – while Dave worked on my bike.

After a delicious dinner at the local pick – The Hideaway Restaurant – we went back to Dave’s shop to grab our bikes.  It was late and we were all beat from the hard ride, but Dave eagerly jumped on Kurt’s Nomad and gave him the same treatment.  Totally adjusting the suspension setup on his bike as well.  Finally for good measure he made a couple more changes to my bike that came to mind over diner and working on Kurt’s rig.  By the time he was done it was 11pm.

Dave truing up a wheel.

Dave truing up a wheel.

Both of us were stunned at how well our bikes performed afterward.  We are both smart people with engineering backgrounds, but bike suspension is not our forte.  I now know how little I actually know and appreciate Dave’s expertise a whole bunch.  When someone understands both the theoretical and practical sides of a subject they become extremely competent – that’s Dave.

It should be clear that the service at the Fat Tire bike shop is exceptional.  It will certainly be my first stop on any trip to Sedona.  In fact if I got a new full suspension bike or had issues with my Nomad in the future Dave would be my go to guy.  Even if it had to be over the phone or on-line.

If you need trail advice, repairs, parts or just want to get a feel for town before you start riding head over to the Fat Tire bike shop and chat with Dave.

Dave helping a customer setup his bike.

Dave helping a customer setup his bike.

The Fat Tire Bike Shop

325 Jordan Rd., Sedona, AZ 86336

928.852.0014 [tel] – 928.852.0044 [fax]


Update: I got to go back to the Fat Tire Bike Shop in 2012 and had another great experience.



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30 03 2009
Roger Copp

I had the best time with an ibis that I rented from Fat Tire. The bike was great, the support and the free lesson was great, and the price was excellent. If you are going to Sedona and want to rent a mountain bike, go to Fat Tire.

15 04 2009

I met Dave about 5 years ago on a trip to Sedona. We’ve ridden with him a few times since then, and he’s been just a wealth of knowledge when it comes to full suspension bikes. Not to mention a great guy to ride with, but do so at your own risk, he’s good!

So it comes as no surprise to hear the story of his exceptional service to anyone who visits the shop. I look forward to a return trip to Sedona, a visit to the Fat Tire, and a ride with Dave. And yeah, a beer on the deck afterwards, our treat of course.

15 04 2009

Let me know when Ricky – I’m in!…=-)

26 05 2009
Pinarello Michael

Dave is not only a wonderful, big hearted, extremely savvy mountain bike maven, but he also knows a hell of a lot about road rigs. He is the only man in northern Arizona I will allow to touch my beloved Pinarellos. Dave rocks!

24 06 2009

Can’t say enough good things about Dave…

14 04 2010
mark gullo

canadian bacon is a swell guy, great wrench and fun to be around,,,,,,,,go see him at his shop, you won’t be disappointed

4 05 2010
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[…] folks at Suspension Werx in Vancouver, BC.  I had a taste of what a pro tune might be like when Dave Cichan owner of The Fat Tire bike shop in Sedona AZ spent a couple hours helping me setup my Nomad.  The results were nothing short of […]

25 06 2010
Tony Jazvo

I loved riding with Dave, he’s a fun guy, with great trail knowledge, an excellent guide. But he keeps slowing me down on the descents and it seems like every little trail feature spooks the guy.

When he insisted on riding his Huffy, I had my reservations, however he seemed to have a handle on it and the tassels didn’t get in the way at all.

5 10 2010

We spent a week in Sedona last year and we stopped at Dave’s shop to check it out. Dave ended up working on my friends Trek, it was phenomenal when he finished. Great guy and a wealth knowledge. I’ll be there in 3 days and it’ll be my first stop, I’m gonna drop off a case of our Kalifornia beer for all the help he did for last year.

20 01 2011

Visited Dave one day on a tour of Arizona / Utah from the UK. What a super-friendly and helpful chap! Sorted out my dodgy rear HFX-9 and shared some quality beer, music and chat with us. Ended up going out for pizza, beers and a few rounds of pool. Didn’t get to ride with him unfortunately, but he told us the best places to go.
Can’t recommend highly enough!

20 01 2011

@Jez – glad to hear Dave is still rocking and rolling in Sedona…I need to get my butt back down there.

8 04 2011

Great experience with the Fatire Shop, Dave know’s bikes and was full of info about the riding in Sedona. We rented Mojo’s from him for 3 days and the bikes ran perfectly all weekend.
Dave joined for our last day and took us on a great route. All singletrack. But even before we left the shop he went over all the bikes again.
Great guy and great place to ride.
Stop in and share a beer after you experience the great riding in Sedona.

1 06 2011
Outer Bike 2011 – Moab « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] is to spend some time in Moab and then head south to Sedona AZ for more trail riding action and to get Dave at The Fat Tire Bike Shop to tune up my Nomad’s suspension. He did such a great job for me last time that I figure my trusty steed deserves another tweak to […]

23 11 2011

Dave is way ahead of all other wrenches. I built 7 of my eight bikes and know a little bit about bike maintenance. I went in with a squeak that had been eluding me for weeks. The effort Dave put in was amazing, but after eight hour of super effort by one savvy dude. He found it in the lower link. It was a Santa Cruz Blur LT2. Dave is one of the few guys I’ll let work on my bike. Thanks David.
and the other posts above don’t surprise me at all.

14 12 2011
Rainer Neumann

Miss you Dave, still riding and enjoying every mile. Thanks for your help and freindship. Don’t know when we will be leaving Oregon but look forward to seeing you all again. Happy Holidays and God bless you.

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