Time to get salty…

24 04 2010

Baja Kiteboarding...

The kiteboarding season is nearly here…just a few more weeks….I’m excited…time to get my gear sorted….do any maintenance and then hit the waves…=-)



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24 04 2010

hey vik…I was watching your posts and pics from La Ventana….I’m planning a trip to the beach with the wife, and will love to do it camping….did you feel safe camping there?..how did you find that place to camp? (I think you said someone told you)….how about leaving campsite unattended? did you do it? I suppose you didn’t do camp every day…it would be nice if you can talk about that part of the experience…pics already tell the trip was awesome!

I have been living in Monterrey, Mexico for over a year now, same time of not going to the beach…is driving me crazy!


24 04 2010

I’ve camped on many beaches in Baja with my GF and alone. I’ve never felt like I was in danger. I’ve left my stuff alone for hours and come back to camp exactly like it was.

Obviously it makes sense to lock up valuables [cameras, passports, laptops and money] just like anywhere else on the planet.

In La Ventana I left $5k worth of kits and boards as well as nice camping gear alone for hours every day…nothing ever went missing.

24 04 2010

sounds good vik, thanks!…I’m analyzing going by air from here, which is very cheap or do the car trip and take my future pugs with me…which obviously is what I’m trying to do! Thanks again!

24 04 2010

will need to check rates to take two bikes by air there too… but that will certainly kill the air ticket deal we found hehe

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