RANS Alterra Crankforwards

23 04 2010

RANS Alterra

RANS has a couple new crankforwards bikes out – the Alterra and Alterra RoadMy RANS Street crankforward was one super fun bike, easy to ride, uber stable, comfy and easy to adjust for a large range of rider sizes without tools.  I sold it to buy another RANS crankforward, but that deal fell through after the Street was sold…something I regret…=-(

RANS Alterra Road

These new models offer a more aggressive upright geometry while keeping the comfort and ease of handling that riders have come to expect from RANS bikes.  I’ll definitely post more if I get the chance to throw a leg over one of these bikes.

My trusty RANS Street crankforward...

If you haven’t seen it my old Crankforward Blog has some interesting info on these bikes and I’ve got nice photos on Flickr.