La Sportiva Raptor Pre-Review

23 04 2010

La Sportiva Raptor Trail Runner...

Ever feel like you are learning the same lessons over and over again?  I was feeling pretty smug finding a pair of runners without too much hassle the other day.  I went to the trouble of writing a blog post about it and was so confident about the shoes I had picked that I didn’t bother with my usual ritual of wearing them around the house for a day before deciding to keep them.  I also didn’t try them on with my orthopedic insoles. As it turns out I deserve an epic fail for being so lazy.  When I put my insoles in they raised my foot up enough relative to the stock uber thin insoles that I felt like my heel was coming out of the shoe at every step.  The fit went from excellent to awful and I can’t live without my specialized insoles.  Luckily MEC doesn’t quibble about returns even though I did wear them on the street and I biked in them.

Note to self – pay attention to the details!

Tread view....

I tried on several more trail runners…this time putting my insoles into them before bothering to try them out.  Happily the Shoe Gods were kind to me and I found a pair that was comfy and worked with my insoles.  I settled on a pair of La Sportiva Raptors.  They are a bit more robust and heavier than the Montrail Rockridge runners I returned – basically the same as the old Montrail Continental Divide shoes I had worn out.  As a plus they look nicer [to me] than the Rockridges and “Raptor” is a way cooler name….hahaha…=-)

Front view....

La Sportiva Marketing Spew:

Stable neutral trail runner with a super sticky outsole for grip and protection on the trail

Clamp down the laces and get ready to fly! The Raptor is the latest beast in our quiver of aggressive technical trail shoes. Sticky FriXion® rubber outsoles grip the rock like a climbing shoe and the flexible TPU lacing harness is secure and stable on variable terrain. The wrap around toe bumper lets you rest at ease as you cruise through leaf-laden trails littered with hidden obstacles. An excellent lightweight technical trail shoe perfect for every type of terrain.”


This neutral trail runner is light and well-cushioned. The soles are extremely sticky approach shoe rubber, to keep you skid-free on almost any surface. Large roomy toe boxes give your tootsies ample wiggle room.

  • Uppers are breathable nylon mesh and non-stretch synthetic leather.
  • Moulded exoskeleton heel stabilizers.
  • Aggressive rubber toecaps provide protection.
  • Integral external scree guards keep out stones and debris.
  • Lightweight, compression-moulded midsoles are 80% EVA and 20% SBR (synthetic butadiene rubber).
  • Nylon shanks add torsional stability and support.
  • Outsoles have versatile, ultra-sticky approach shoe compound for maximum grip on technical and rocky terrain.
  • Raised, offset slanting lugs provide superior traction and added shock absorption.
  • Heel blocks increase braking stability on the descent.

The foot saving insoles!



4 responses

23 04 2010

Does anyone know why they keep changing the shoes? When I finally find one that fits, I buy as many as I can as soon as I have worn them for a couple of weeks. Even then, sometimes I can’t find the same shoe again in a couple of weeks. What is wrong with these shoe companies? All these shoes of the same type look more or less the same so it can’t be the styles keep changing. These are not high heel dress shoes, they are sport, work shoes. End of rant, safe to come out now.

23 04 2010

I have no idea, but it drives me crazy as well! At the very least keep the same shape/last so if the previous model fit me so will the new model.

Any company that does would have me as a customer for life!

24 05 2010
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