Tax Dollars at Work…

27 08 2011

Coming soon to a neighborhood near me...

The city is opening a MTB skills park about 5 blocks from me. That’s awesome! On days when I only have an hour to mess around and no time to get my dirt rig out to Hartland MTB Park this will give me a local option to get some useful skills time in the saddle…=-)

Two for the road…

27 08 2011

Art at sunset...

It was my last day in town for a month and I was very busy taking care of errands before I fly out to Ontario. However, for the sake of my mental health I got out for two rides today as I will be bike-less out east…=-(


I rode my fat tire 26″ wheeled Surly LHT both times because it makes me smile…=-)

When I get back at the end of September summer will be over and it will be time to install fenders on the Fat Trucker.

Wow lots of new stuff from Surly for 2012!

26 08 2011

Surly Orge 29er...

If you are a Surly fan jump over to their blog and check out the new 2012 products. There are a lot of them including a disc brake LHT and new even fatter tire [4.5″ vs. 3.7″] fat tire bike…=-)

BTW – to answer the inevitable questions I have no plans to buy any of these new products so unless the Blog Fairy drops them off at my door I won’t be making any major additions to the fleet in 2012.

Hi Ho Off To Work I Go!

25 08 2011

More of this...

I’m off to Ontario for a month of fieldwork starting this weekend. I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have or what the internet access will be like so my blogging will likely be spotty and brief. On the bright side it will be time to hit the waves when I get back and become [I hope!] a real surfer this winter…not just a kook messing about in the ocean…=-)

You can’t lose if you try…

24 08 2011

No I am not selling my Big Dummy!

I’m working on reducing my bike fleet by 2 to get the storage situation into control. Now that Sharon has 4 bikes I need to keep the total number of rigs down to the number we can store in the garage and still get access to our other sports gear. I spent some time organizing the garage this year which made a huge difference in the number of bikes we can store in there and still move around, but I am still by my calculations 2 bikes over what is practical.

As I consider which bikes to let go I’ve been thinking about all the bikes I’ve owned over the last 10yrs – many of which were sold and are in new homes. I don’t feel bad about buying and selling bikes. I’ve had the opportunity to try out some great rides from many diverse niches in the bicycle universe. The fact I didn’t love them all enough to keep them or that I’ve not got the storage to make that possible even if I did isn’t a sad thing. I’ve learnt that the only way to get a handle on a bike is to ride it for a good long while. A quick test ride doesn’t tell the real story – especially with unusual bikes like recumbents or cargo bikes.

On the upside by testing out some many bikes I’ve got a fleet of rides that I think are amazing. Bikes that have stood the test of time and some stiff competition for the limited storage space I have. The trouble of course is that it’s hard to see a way to downsize past a certain point when you love each bike so much.

Ibis Mojo HD - all mountain carbon fiber goodness....=-)

That’s okay…at least for the moment there aren’t any bikes on my mind that I am dying to check out. There are lots of bikes I’m interested in, but I’d need to be highly motivated at the moment to expand my fleet. The one bike I’d really like to ride right now is an Ibis Mojo HD, but the $4K-$5K price tag is simply not realistic when I have a $4K+ Santa Cruz Nomad Mk2 in the garage that’s in fine shape and I’m not interested in selling the Nomad. Of course if anyone at Ibis is reading this and is interested in a long term review just send a Mojo HD my way – I’m your man…=-)

Charlene & Rowan…

23 08 2011

Rowan, Charlene and I...

I’ve known of and chatted with Charlene B [aka Machka] online for something like 7yrs. She is a regular on as well as being an Alberta Randonneur from Red Deer. Our paths never quite crossed over the years and she married Rowan after meeting at one edition of PBP then moved to Australia. So when they were coming through Victoria on a bike tour yesterday we finally got the chance to meet for a yummy dinner. Getting to know folks in person with whom you’ve interacted a bunch online is interesting as you have the normal “getting to know you” routine going on in parallel with the “how’s it going old buddy – remember the time when…” routine going on. I guess in the online age that’s a normal thing now with people meeting first online and then in person at a later date.

We had a good chat over a nice Thai meal. It was great to finally meet in person. I let them know that their recent accounts of trying and buying a tandem that they posted to was the final motivation that I needed to get off my butt and get Sharon and I a tandem for ourselves. That’s definitely been one of the best bike related decisions I’ve made in the last year or two! So thanks Charlene and Rowan for taking the time to share your experiences with everyone online…=-)

They are headed up the island to Duncan today as they continue their tour. Safe travels!

Last Nitnaht Run…=-(

22 08 2011

Packing my trusty Mazda B4000 for the last time...

My Mazda pick up turned over 300,000kms this year and it has been my trusty companion on many adventures as well as being my work truck for many years. This past weekend was our last outing together – a run up to Lake Nitnaht for some kiteboard camping action. My insurance runs out on this truck in a few days and I’ve decided not to spend the $$$ renewing it as I would then need to put some maintenance $$$ into her. It’s time to say goodbye. We’ve had nearly 15 great years together and our run had to end sometime – might as well be now on a high note. On the bright side I’m giving the truck to my friend Kurt who is more mechanically inclined than I am. He can do a lot of his own maintenance so he’ll keep her going much more affordably than I could using professional mechanics. That also means I’m likely to get more rides in this Mazda over the next few years. She won’t be mine which will be different, but at least we’ll get to hang out…=-)

Sharon getting ready to ride...

I’m off to Ontario to work for a month starting this coming weekend so this was my last opportunity to kiteboard at Lake Nitnaht this summer. Happily the weather was warm and sunny – much warmer than usual for Nitnaht – which was a treat. Although not as windy as last year’s kick ass season we did get wind both days so I can’t complain at all.

Sharon did awesome. She has figured out how to stay upwind which is the last thing you need to learn before being an independent kiteboarder.

It’s great to see all her hard work pay off…=-)

Sharon's new kite...

She rewarded herself with her first kite a 9m Liquid Force Envy from Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham. Until now she’s been using my old, somewhat beat up, Naish kites that I learnt on. Great to start with, but 3yrs behind the power curve of kite performance.

Thanks for another fun season of kiting Lake Nitnaht!

I flew the 17m Blade Fat Lady both days. The wind was a bit strong for such a big kite, but I wanted to see how it handled the upper end of its range and there were lots of lulls that would have made my next smaller kite [a 10m OR Rise] struggle so I was glad to have some extra fabric in the sky. She did very well and I was able to depower her effectively while still getting reasonably fast turns cranked out as well as some fun jumps.

Sharon flying pink...

All in all a fine end to the summer…=-)


Dancing with the Fat Lady!

19 08 2011

She's big!!!!!!

I went down to Bellingham WA yesterday on a quick road trip and got to try out the Blade Fat Lady 17m kite at Locust Beach. I’ve been wanting to kite at Locust for a while, but I’m never there when it’s windy and have time to ride so I made it happen on this trip. Andy from Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham lent me a Blade Fat Lady and a Liquid Force LFX board to use so I didn’t have to shlep my gear down. I’ve spent a lot of time this summer sitting on the beach with my 10m kite watching 3 or 4 guys with big kites ride while the rest of us sat and waited for the wind to build – something that didn’t always happen…=-( So a light wind setup has been on my mind lately.

The Fat Lady was a very powerful easy to fly kite that was stable enough for me to mess around with the bindings on the borrowed board without having to give it much thought. Out on the water it turned well for a huge kite and it was easy to jump for some fun floaty air. A big kite, like a big truck, is powerful and will never be as sporty/maneuverable as a much smaller kite. On the other hand there is no point being out on the water if the kite you are flying is a total dog. So my main concern was answering the question – would I be happy to fly the Fat Lady on a light wind day or would I be thinking this is lame and wishing I was on a different kite? Bottom line I was quite impressed with this kite. Enough so that I bought one and took it home with me.

I hadn’t planned to spend anymore $$$ on kiting gear this year, but driving to Lake Nitnaht or Baja and sitting on the beach isn’t fun and it’s expensive in it’s own right. I’m setup now so that if there is any wind at all I can be out kiting. That should increase my time on the water by 20%-30% easily which is well worth the cost. This is a 2012 model kite so I’ll just factor it in against next year’s gear budget!…=-)

The riding at Locust Beach was fun. The water is very shallow so even if you are 200-500m from shore you can simply stand up and walk around. It would be an ideal spot to learn how to kiteboard since you can walk back upwind or stand up and figure something out without continually moving downwind.

I enjoyed the Liquid Force LFX board, but I can’t give it much of a review as I was really focused on the kite this session. I really should have used an OR Mako to keep all my variables constant and just test one item at a time, but trips to Bellingham are not very frequent and I wanted to make the most of my time. I’ll definitely try the FX again next time I have an opportunity.

Ortlieb my secret weapon!

17 08 2011

High visibility black...

I went to collect my mail at my UPS Store mailbox downtown yesterday. The lady who grabbed my parcels knows I usually come on a bike so she was concerned I wouldn’t be able to get two decent sized boxes home without a car. I told her it would be no problem as I shrugged off my large Ortlieb backpack and started loading it up. Once I had both boxes inside I showed her that there was plenty of room left for more!

Boxes are no problem!

The Ortlieb Messenger Bag Pro is designed for professional bike couriers and that pedigree shows when you are stuffing bulky boxes inside or trying to keep large envelopes flat and undamaged. If you are looking for a way to haul stuff on your bike without the hassle of panniers and racks this is a bag worth considering. Especially if carrying bulky items and having a waterproof enclosure are important to you.

Deck Slaves!

15 08 2011

We stained the deck...

Nothing exciting to report this weekend. We decided to break from our normal routine and spend a weekend at home taking care of stuff.

Sanded furniture...

Although we got lots of stuff done our primary mission was staining our deck and refinishing the deck furniture. It seemed like an easy job, but it took the whole day by the time we went out for supplies in the AM until we had a celebratory BBQ on the deck in the PM.

Before and after sanding + tung oil...

I’m glad it’s done. I didn’t mind sticking close to home and making some progress on our chores, but I wouldn’t want to do this every weekend!

Looking good...

On a sports related note this deck isn’t just for relaxing in the sunshine. It’s a SUP, surfboard and sea kayak storage device that you just happen to be able to BBQ on…=-)

The re-finished product...=-)

BC Cyclist Fights Helmet Law…

14 08 2011

Back in the carefree madatory helmet law free Calgary days...

A BC cyclist is going to court to fight the province’s stupid mandatory helmet law for cyclists. Although I doubt he will win it’s great to see people pointing out how the law discriminates against cyclists and does not further public safety nor promote greater cycling participation. If there were a way to make this a class action suit I’d go ride my bike helmet-free in Victoria until I got a ticket so I could join!

Recently a friend was discussing the bike share/rent programs some cities and embracing where you can rent a bike at low cost at a kiosk and return it to another kiosk at the end of your ride. This would facilitate considerably more bike rides because you don’t need to be a dedicated cyclist with lock and a place to store a bike so you have it with you when you need it. Simply grab a bike and go. We then discussed whether or not you could implement such a program if in addition to a bike you had to rent the rider a properly fitting helmet that was not damaged which by law they had to wear no matter where or how they were riding?

Safe Camping…

13 08 2011

Safety first...

We were talking about camping safety last time we were at Lake Nitnaht and realized the number of tripping accidents was startling. With so many rocks and roots in the campground – not to mention all the fires and smoke walking is very hazardous. So we started wearing helmets every time we were walking around. Then we read online how camping chairs failed regularly sending their occupants tumbling backwards potentially hitting their heads on the ground so we decided it would be foolish to only wear our helmets while walking. Who wants to deal with a serious head injury because they were too lazy or fashion conscious to wear a helmet?

Note – the spare red helmet we kept on hand for anyone visiting out campsite. You gotta be safe if you want to hang with us!

Does this photo make you sad?

We tried to tell the younger generation that they needed to wear a helmet as they were especially at risk with all their playing, but only a few listened…=-( That girl in pink is one slip away from being a vegetable for the rest of her life…*sigh*

On the fence...

One of our friends was a doubter at first. He felt the campground was perfectly safe and only wanted to wear his helmet when out kiteboarding.

Thinking about it...

But we didn’t give up. We read him stats from the internet and told him stories about people we had heard about who were involved in horrible campground walking and sitting accidents.

I love safety...=-)

Eventually he came around! *big smiley face*

A new idea...

We asked this kid why he was wearing a life jacket in the campground and he was wise beyond his years….he said “…what if I trip and fall – breaking my ribs or puncturing a lung?…isn’t it smarter to eliminate that risk by wearing safety gear?…” We couldn’t argue with that! So we made a deal with him that we would all wear our life jackets in camp if he’d wear his helmet from the time he woke up until he went to bed.

Some people don't get it!

What made us really sad was all the people who took the trouble to buy helmets, pack them and transport them up to the lake only to leave them laying about their campsites like they weren’t needed…=-( How many tragic camping chair accidents do we have to have before people start to get it through their head’s that this isn’t a joke??!!.=-(

RIP Val…

12 08 2011

Sad news….=-(

Surly 26″ Wheeled LHT Inital Impressions…

12 08 2011

Time to ride...

Although my 26″ wheeled Surly LHT build project is not finished I’ve done enough wrenching so I wanted to taste the fruits of my labours and see what I thought so far. I’ll just touch on a few topics in this post.

On my way to get some groceries...

26″ wheels and 2.15″ Schwalbe Big Apples

  • big rubber lots well proportioned for the 58cm LHT
  • it rolls well over a variety of surfaces
  • rewards a moderate steady effort, but doesn’t want to ride crazy fast
  • tires are heavy as is rear wheel
I’m enjoying the monster truck vibe of the current wheelset/tires. They aren’t performance orientated, but they do roll just fine at a moderate cruising pace. The beauty is that they just keep rolling and rolling and rolling no matter what get’s in the way. Yesterday I was run off a narrow paved road onto a bumpy dirt shoulder and then slammed into and off of a square concrete curb scoring some air before landing back on the road. On my 700c LHT with 35mm rubber that would have likely resulted in a crash and/or some wheel damage. With 55mm of soft rubber underneath my 26″ wheeled LHT I didn’t even bother touching the brakes as I knew the bike would handle the sudden obstacles without drama. For 5km-15km around town utility/transportation riding missions these wheels are a blast. If I was going to run this setup 24/7 I would invest in a higher uqlaity rear wheel to lose some of the unneeded weight back there. I’d also invest in the liteskin version of the Schwale Big Apple for a faster rolling balloon tire.

Lovely Velo Orange water bottle cages...

650B & Grand Bois Hetres
  • fast and comfy
  • I love this setup on my rando bike
  • would provide a spare wheelset if my primary wheels on my rando bike fail
  • not nearly as plush as 55mm Big Apples, but much faster
I have some 650B Velo Orange rims leaning against my garage wall waiting for some love and a spare set of Grand Bois Hetres 650b x 40mm tires that I could use on them. I love these tires on my rando bike and having a second 650B wheel set in operation means I have a spare should my primary wheels fail before a ride or even to take with me to a big event as a spare emergency set. The downside is the don’t exist yet so I have to spend a far bit of $$$ [new hubs, spokes, wheel build & new brakes+ levers] to make them happen and they won’t be nearly as plush as 55mm tires.
To be honest both options have a lot of merit and maybe in the long run I’ll do both. For now I’ll ride the 26″ wheels I have and give it some more thought. I’m enjoying the monster truck vibe well enough at the moment….=-)

Velo Orange stem mounted bell...

Velo Orange Rando Bars

I’ve really enjoyed the shape of these VO Rando bars. The complex curves all seem to fall to hand very naturally and make my hands happy. I ended up with a fairly narrow set [37cm at the brake levers – 44cm at the flared ends]. I need closer to 42cm at the brake levers so I’m going to have to swap these out for a wider set. VO makes a set that are 48cm at the flared ends which will likely be perfect for me. Speaking of the flared ends it’s nice to be able to have both a narrower position on the hoods/in the drops and a wider more stable position further back towards the ends of the bars. The VO stem and headset mesh well with the bars and the LHT. They provide a classy modern look. No issues with any of these items so far – although it’s early in the game.

Velo Orange Bell & Bottle Cages

I use a similar setup on my rando bike and they are very nice to use. The bell is attractive and stays out of the way until you need it. The sound is pleasant and isn’t overly jaring which makes for friendlier encounters with other bikers and peds. The bottle cages are light and grip a bottle securely even on bumpy roads.

The elusive Acorn Roll Bag...

Acorn Roll Bag

My online buddy Gary helped me score this Acorn Roll Bag [thanks Gary!…=-)] I’ll use it on this LHT and my rando bike depending on what’s going on at the time. The Acorn bag will get a full write up later in the year.

VO elk hide chain stay protector...

VO Chainstay Protector

The VO chainstay protector looks nice on the bike and keeps the chain off the chainstay. I have one on my rando bike as well and so far it’s worked well.

Ortlieb panniers on an OMM Sherpa rear rack...

Ortlieb Bags on OMM Rack

Ortlieb bags and OMM racks are my go to solution for carrying gear on most of my bikes. They’ve served me well for a decade plus. You can’t go wrong with them.

Bike Wrappers...

Bike Wrappers

I put a set of Bike Wrappers on my black 58cm LHT. They fit on the bike without issues although they don’t cover as much real estate on this big frame as they do on Sharon’s Cross Check. Sharon has been complaining about her commuter MTB’s ugliness and since she is forced to ride it until her Cross Check is back in action I think I’ll move these Bike Wrappers to her current commuter to make it a bit easier on the eyes. I haven’t tested the visual safety aspects of this product yet [the dark times they are coming!…=-)], but they do provide an easy and very fast way to change the look of your ride if you want a different feel without committing to the $$$/effort of a repaint.

Might as well get rid of some recycling...

Downtube Friction Shifting

So far the 9 speed drivetrain has worked well. I’m fine with the limited gear range for my utility riding around town. The shifter falls to hand well enough and I like the simplicity of this setup. Using a friction shifter with a cassette designed for indexed shifting isn’t ideal as any offset from a narrow optimal cable position results is ghost shifting under power. I don’t shift like mad so it’s only a minor hassle to tweak each shift to get the right derailleur position. I’m going to keep the shifter on the downtube so in the long run I will either get an indexed downtube shifter or a cassette that isn’t ramped and pinned for index shifting. I’m not in a rush to make a change on this.

VO Crankset

I’m only using the smaller ring of this double crankset. I can manually shift to the larger ring if I need to. Despite a long BB spindle these cranks have a very low Q-factor. I’m not overly sensitive to a variation in Q-factor so this is not terribly important to me. I haven’t noticed any flex in the long BB spindle, but I’m a fairly weak rider so that’s not shocking. Not much to say about these bad boys – I turn my feet, the chain goes round and my Trucker trucks…=-)

Packing a Bike Friday Tandem…

11 08 2011

I found this Bike Friday tandem packing video on Youtube and wanted to bookmark it for easy review when I face the task someday.


Sharon’s Surfboard…

11 08 2011

Sharon's custom longboard...

With surfing season coming up in September we pulled out Sharon’s longboard and made sure it was in good shape for some wave riding. She had it made custom for her by Jason Heinz a local shaper in Victoria BC.

Graphic detail...

Jason was great to deal with during the building process and the board was completed on time and as ordered. Strangely after that we couldn’t get a hold of him to get a few last details taken care of. His website has since gone offline as well. Not a huge problem as Sharon got everything she had paid for.

The waterside of the board...

The main thing Sharon wanted was to get the board covered in a traction material like the NSI Clear Grip I’ve been using on my Walden Magic Model longboard. Jason said he could buy it in a roll so she would have a really nice clean install on her board, but since he’s gone MIA we ordered the same NSI Clear Grip sheets that I used. They work well and are hassle/maintenance free which is nice.

Limited edition?....

If Jason is out of the surfboard business for the longterm I guess Sharon has one of the last boards he made. Sharon is stoked to have a custom board and it cost her less than 2/3rds of what my mass produced Walden cost so the price was right.


Friends in town…

10 08 2011

This is so easy...

We had friends in town from Alberta for the last few days.

Enjoying the a patio...

We took them to Lake Nitnaht last summer and they requested a less cold and windy experience this year! So we biked around Victoria and hit up a few patios.

I forgot my bathing suit!

Made a stop at Willows Beach where I found out my boxers did not have enough elastic tension at the waist to resist the hydraulic forces of me diving into the ocean…=-) Oh well – next time I’ll remember my surf trunks!

Victoria Harbour...

Checked out the harbour.

Selkirk Trestle...

Rolled up and down the Galloping Goose Trail a few times.

Fine Thai dining...

Went out to all our favourite restaurants.

More harbour biking...

Did a bit more sightseeing around the harbour.

Another patio...

And visited more patios.

Picnic at Port Renfrew...

Took a drive out to Port Renfrew and had a picnic.

SUP lessons...

Got our friends out on SUPs.

Power kiting...

Of course we let them taste the dark side of kiting to try and get them hooked…=-)

Bike posse...

All in all it was a great time and it was fun to see the area through visitors’ eyes.

Liquid Force 2012…

9 08 2011

Aaron’s Kogswell PR Rando Bike…

8 08 2011

Aaron's lovely Kogswell...

Kogswell PR Build:

  • Size 56cm frame (54cm actual CC) treated with frame-saver.
  • Double-butted tubeset, steel frame & fenders, kinda portly
  • FSA PigDH Pro Stainless, deep cup headset
  • Vetta rack, heavily modifed to fit forks/crown, brakes, & lamp
  • Campagnolo Veloce QS 10spd shifter/brakes
  • Campagnolo Veloce Ultra-Torque Crankset 170mm, 50-34t, 145.5mm Q-Factor
  • Campagnolo Veloce 10spd Rr der. & Veloce Fr der.
  • Campagnolo Veloce cogset 12-29t 10spd
  • Campagnolo Veloce 10spd chain, with Connex quick-link
  • Campagnolo Daytona 9/10spd hub 32h
  • Shimano DH-3N72 Dyno hub 32h
  • Schmidt Edelux lamp
  • PDW Radbot 1000 rear lamp w/reflector
  • Velocity Synergy rims Blk 32h
  • Grand Bois Herte 650Bx42 tires, Clay-red thread
  • DT Swiss Champion stainless spokes, brass nipples
  • All Campagnolo Shift/Brk cbls/hous.
  • Shimano XTR V-Brakes with Travel-Agents, Kool Stop ‘Salmon’ pads
  • Crank Bros Acid pedals
  • Elite bottle cages
  • ?? 27.2 seatpost (came with the frame)
  • Brooks Flyer Special sprung saddle
  • Brooks D-Shaped tool bag
  • Velo Orange stem 110mm 6 deg. 25.4mm
  • Salsa Bell-Lap bar 44cm width
  • Crane Striker bell
  • Serfas Echelon syn bar tape, light marble
  • B&M mirror
  • KMs so far: under 30.

A boy and his bike at the beach...

Aaron sez:

“I have yet to fashion a handlebar bag & may break down & buy one before that actually happens. There are a few things I’ve still to do: wire the dyno hub, as cleanly as possible, make/buy a front bag, & improve the poor fender triangulation. Also I want to make a nicer mount for the rear light. I may mount it low in the rear fender or utilize the canti brake housing stop as a mounting point. But mainly I can’t wait to get some real kms in the saddle, already the bike is supremely comfortable & stable. I’m looking forward to a life-time of happy rides & experiences. A big shout-out has to go to my employer, Fairfield Bicycle Shop, without them I’d have no frame & a very difficult time setting up this bike with the specific, quality parts that us Randonneurs covet. I plan to have my impressions of the bike written up after I’ve logged 200-500kms in the saddle.”

Custom DIY front rack...

Aaron will continue to tweak his bike as he rides it and I’ll ask him to report back in a few months once his broken her in nicely. Great job on the build Aaron…=-)

Brit’s Triumph Project – Want it?

8 08 2011

Feeling like a project?

I got the email below from Brit:

“Hi Vik, haven’t met up with you in a long time but I’m an occasional reader of your blog and picks.  You came to mind because I thought you might know who’d be interested in a bike restoration project.  

I inherited an old Triumph bicycle, 3 speed internal hub, pretty much same as it looked new in the 60’s, and I won’t have the time to fix it up.  I’m heading to Sweden next week for school and don’t have room to store it!  Anyway, if you know anyone who’d like to buy it and provide a good home, just let me know.


Fix this up and your friends will be green with envy...

I’m not 100% where this bike is located, but I think it’s in Calgary, AB. I’m confirming with Brit and will post the location as soon as I get it. He’s leaving the country shortly so if you want this bike contact him ASAP by email at brit.samborsky “AT” – I got the impression the bike was free to a good home, but confirm with Brit if there is any cost associated with the bike.

The Back Up Plan…

6 08 2011

Not a pretty bike, but it rolls just fine!

While we wait for the replacement Surly Cross Check fork Sharon has been antsy to get back on the bike for her commute. Her old MTB commuter was in rough shape from the winter so our first choice was the Dahon folder I gave her, but sadly the Dahon has a shifting problem that two pro bike mechanics haven’t been able to solve. Aaron is going to give it a final shot, but at the moment riding the Dahon is an exercise in frustration. So I pulled out Sharon’s old commuter and lubed/adjusted everything to the point where it’s a functional bike again. It’s not much to look at, but it works and for now that will have to do!

Time to ride!

Last winter when Sharon got her Cross Check commuter and the 2nd hand Dahon folder she questioned the need for 3 bikes, but I told her you never know when you need a back up. As it turns out 3 was the right number since bikes #1 & #2 aren’t running at the moment. It’s good to have a back up plan!…=-)

Free SPOT Mount…

5 08 2011

Not quite right...

I bought the wrong RAM mount for my SPOT satellite beacon. As you can see my SPOT is too small to fit the RAM mount. If you have the older style SPOT shown below and want this mount just comment and I’ll ship it to you free. I will give preference to a local pick up.

New SPOT on left - old on right...

Scott’s Bridgestone…

5 08 2011

A 1993 Bridestone XO-2 lives again...

Scott sent me a link to his sweet Bridestone XO-2 build that I thought I would share. You can click on the image above to jump to his blog [] and see all the details.

Canoe Club Bike Ride…

4 08 2011

K for Kogswell!

Aaron got his Kogswell 650B low trail rando rig built and wanted to show me so we went for an EPIC 7km ride to the Canoe Club patio on the Victoria BC inner harbour. Micro brew, local food, sunshine, warm temps and good friends – not to mention bikes!

2 is for Tandem!

Aaron’s bike is lovely and I’ll see about getting him to do a guest post with details and lots more photos.

Stylish colour scheme and red GB Hetres...

We are just so happy it’s finally summer that anything fun outside is a winner with us!…=-)

Z is for Zoolander!

LHT 26″ Wheeled Build PT8…

3 08 2011

She's rolling...=-)

Where we are at:

  • got rear derailleur cabled
  • Black Brooks B17 saddle
  • OMM Sherpa [new version]
She’s finally rolling which is sweet. Fenders and front rack are still missing, but I hope to get that sorted in the next week or so. I’ll me roaming the streets of Victoria with these big fat tires enjoying a different side of the Surly Long Haul Trucker…=-)

Lazy Update…

2 08 2011

Up up and away...

It’s been such a busy summer that I feel like I have fallen behind on my blogging. I’ve got lots of stuff I want to post about, but the nice weather is keeping me from spending my time posting. I haven’t even been reading my usual blogs and forums regularly….*gasp*!…=-) With August now here there is only a few more weeks of summer madness before we settle into Fall’s more relaxed pace.

What’s been going on?

  • Our weekend’s have been all about kiteboarding for us. Sharon has worked hard to get up and riding so she wants to get as much time on the water as she can before the season ends in early September and she takes a break until she can get to Baja this winter.
  • Weekdays have been frequently spent mountain biking at Hartland MTB Park.
  • I’m busy studying for my quality engineer certification and getting ready for various work projects.
  • We’ve had Kurt’s brother Sean staying with us for a few weeks which means lots of hanging out and BBQing in the evenings.
  • We’ve done a bunch of tandem riding including last Friday’s Victoria Critical Mass Ride/Swim.

What’s up next?

  • I’m going to finish up the 26″ wheeled LHT build this week.
  • We are getting Sharon a new Surly Cross Check fork.
  • We have friends from Calgary visiting this weekend so we have a casual ride around town planned for Saturday and a drive out to Port Renfrew to picnic on the books for Saturday.
  • We are going to install some NSI clear grip traction material on Sharon’s longboard since surfing season starts as soon as kiteboarding season stops.
  • And of course more kiteboarding and mountain biking as long as the good weather lasts!