Tikit #1 @ Treehugger

10 04 2010

Little wheels - big load!

I’m happy that the Bike Friday Tikit was selected as Treehugger’s #1 folding bike.  Having tried several different folders I agree that the Tikit is superior by design.  I was a little sad to see that the Tikit wasn’t selected best folding cargo bike…=-(  Maybe next year….=-)

Who needs a Big Dummy?



4 responses

10 04 2010

I enjoy your blog. You might want to obscur your real name and address from the second picture though. (or not…I would personally).

10 04 2010

Thanks for pointing that out. I’m in the process of moving in with my GF so my address will change shortly…=-)

10 04 2010

The only thing is that’s not Vik’s real name and address-it’s someone else’s. Unless, I’ve been totally fooled.

10 04 2010

I’m actually a CIA operative with many covers, aliases and fake identities so it can get confusing…=-)

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