Beer there done that…

16 04 2010

Surly 1x1 street art ride...

I always thought the bike component beer openers were useless poser gimmicks – until today!

Surly Tug Nut to the rescue...

My friend James’ art.

My friend Dela’s mix.

I’m glad it’s spring…=-)



6 responses

16 04 2010

Yah but where’s the lime?

16 04 2010

….limes were pre-cut and in our covert operation “tea” mugs!

17 04 2010

Nice post, Vik: beer, art, and music.

17 04 2010

I find that SPD pedals also make great bottle openers as is.

17 04 2010

I’ve never owned any SPDs…didn’t know they opened beer bottles….cool!

17 04 2010

You have a great blog going here Vik. Inspiring to say the least…

Love Bikes, Kitboarding, & SUP as well! keep up the good work.

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