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The Lazy Rando = Me…

What is this blog about?

This blog is a compilation of what’s going on in my life at any given moment. It tends to be bike-centric since I bike a lot and I like bikes a lot. There will also be posts about kitesurfing, surfing, photography, sea kayaking, SUPing and more. If you only want to see specific content – say “folding bikes” you can click on that category and only folding bike related posts will be shown.

I do take requests so if you want to see content that’s not being covered, but that seems to be in one of my areas of interest feel free to contact me and ask.

Who are you?

I’m just a middle aged guy living in Victoria, BC, Canada on the South Shore of Vancouver Island. I am not a great athlete, writer or photographer, but that doesn’t stop me from doing any of those things. Where I excel is at being enthusiastic about my interests like riding bikes and kitesurfing. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm which is why this blog exists.

How to contact me?

My email address is threeohm at Gmail.

You can also leave a comment on any post and I’ll get an email notification about it. I try to respond to every comment/email that is asking for a response. If I don’t reply please send me a second request. I probably missed your email during a busy moment in my life. If I don’t reply to your second email than either we have a technology problem or I am ignoring you!…=-)

What is a randonneur?

Where is all the rando content?

Yes I am a card carrying member of an ACP sanctioned randonneur club. In this case the BC Randonneurs. You can click on the “randoneering” category link on the top right side of the blog to see all my randonneur content. I ride some brevets most years, but I am not a hardcore Rando Commando. You can find some more rando-obssessed blogs in the Rando Links list on the right side of this blog a ways down the page.

Is it legal and/or morally correct to use “rando” in the title of this blog with so little marathon cycling content?

Long distance bicyclists didn’t invent the term randonneur. They co-opted it from the French vocabulary. Hikers, touring skiers and others who spend time “rambling” outside are all randonneurs. Given that I spend a reasonable chunk of my free time outside puttering around on a bicycle, surfboard, SUP, kiteboard or my feet I too am a randonneur.

How can you not trust this guy?

Can I trust your reviews to be 100% objective?


I’m not objective at all so don’t expect my reviews to be. 95% of the stuff I review I pay for with my hard earned $$. Very occasionally I get something for free to review. I know some folks in the bike & kitesurfing industries by their first names and even some of their kids’ names. I’d like them to make enough money to eat and buy a new iPhone every year so I support them with reviews on this blog. So far nobody has actually paid me cash to do reviews. I hope one day they do and that I can own a fleet of titanium bikes each with its own gold plated Rohloff hub.

I’ve been blogging nearly daily for years. I try and tell it like it is. If I were you I’d use this blog as one point of reference when thinking about a buying something. Read other reviews. Look at the product info yourself. Make up your own mind. I’m not going to be mad if you disagree with me. I have been wrong in the past and I will be wrong again. My GF assures me of these facts!

If you read a review on this blog that was accurate and helps you – awesome! If you’ve read a lot of reviews on this blog that have been accurate and helpful than I’d say it’s reasonable to begin to trust me. Just like you trust the friends in your life that have been solid for years more than ones you met yesterday. So it is with blogs.

I’ll stand on my head for you…

“I’m really unhappy about what you posted!”

Feel free to complain – politely. We aren’t going to agree on everything so don’t be shocked if I’m not moved by your unhappiness. OTOH- I’ll listen and if I can see merit in your complaint I’ll make a change. As long as you are polite I’ll reply and explain where I am coming from on the issue at hand. We may not get to the point where we agree with each other 100%, but hopefully we can at least appreciate where the other person is coming from. Sound reasonable?

Money Back Promise

If at any point you are finding your Lazy Rando Blog experience so unsatisfying you want to stop reading just let me know and I’ll refund every penny you paid me for the privilege of reading the blog.

4 responses

24 04 2012

Hi Vik,

Great blog. Love reading it, and have read almost all your LHT and BF posts. Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for your recommendation of the Scorcher tyres for our Bike Fridays. The tyres roll great. We love the bikes too. Did a short tour in Thailand as soon as we go the bikes, and next month we are doing 4 weeks in Italy. August is 2 weeks in the Jura mountains. 3 trips with the bikes this year, and it really seems worth the price, which was pretty high because of the obscene duty structure as well as the shipping cost to India. We got it at 22% total duty, but this month it has gone upto 50-60% import duty for bicycles. Absurd eh?

Thanks again,


12 07 2012

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I found your blog. I have learned bunches from your posts and I hope that you keep writing. I find your posts very informative. Your unflagging enthusiasm for bicycling (and other outdoor activities) are a treat for me. You are an inspiration to me!
Keep on doing what you’re doing!
Peace 🙂

24 09 2012
bike wrider

Is that you modeling for Grip Studs?


Looks like your Pugs setup.

5 12 2012

Nominated you for Sunshine and Beautiful Blogger!

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