31 08 2010

Starboard 2011 “The New”…

31 08 2010

Starboard 2011 SUP Porn...

Starboard has several new race boards out for 2011.  I’ve been enjoying my Starboard The Ultimate Blend SUP, but have been yearning for more speed. The oddly named The New race board from Starboard looks like just the ticket for high speed paddling around Victoria.

Since Bellingham Kite Paddle Surf is a Starboard dealer [and just happens to have one of these boards in the showroom] I think I may have to have a chat with them…=-)

Is your hyperfold cable tensioned properly?

30 08 2010

This video from Bike Friday shows you how to check if your hyperfold cable is correctly tensioned.  Worth a watch if you are a Tikiteer…=-)

Kite – Tikit

29 08 2010

Kites at Cook St. beach, Victoria BC...

Sharon and I were biking downtown on Thursday and she commented on how windy it was.  It occurred to me folks might be kiteboarding down at the Cook St. beach so I checked the wind speed on ikitesurf.com and then the webcam at Big Wave Dave.  Sure enough the wind was wipping in the right direction and kites were in the water.

One Way Tikit on the beach...

At the top of the long & steep set of stairs own to the beach Sharon started to lock up her bike when she asked me if I thought  it was a safe location to leave it.  I said – probably, while folding my Tikit and carrying it down to the water were it would really be safe!  One of the benefits of being a Bike Friday owner…=-)

Ian with his Flysurfer kite...

We had a great, but chilly time watching 10 kiters and 1 windsurfer ripping it up.  The launch at Cook St. [aka Kook Street] is quite challenging with a short rocky beach butted up against a steep vertical 50′ cliff.  So I was happy just to watch for today and see how everyone launched and landed their kites.  If you are going to get  hurt kiteboarding it’s most likely during the launching/landing phase when there are all sorts of hard objects to hit!

2011 Ocean Rodeo Razor in action...

We got to see the new 2011 Ocean Rodeo Razor kite on the water.  It looks great and I’m keen to demo one when they hit the stores.  After about 2hrs we were frozen [didn’t bring warm clothes!] so we packed it in.  I must admit it makes me really happy to live in a town where I can bike, SUP, kiteboard, sea kayak within a 5km radius from my house…=-)

Narrow beach at Cook St...

Showerpass Portland Jacket

28 08 2010

Sharon about to ride to work...

Sharon has pretty much parked her car since moving to Victoria and been riding her bike everywhere she needs to go. Her interest in bike related gear has increased rapidly as her kms accumulate.  She found this sweet Showerpass Portland jacket at MEC and decided just because she needs a waterproof cycling jacket she didn’t have to look goofy!

MEC marketing spew:

The Portland is everything you might expect from a jacket named for such a hip town. It’s big on style and weatherproof performance, and built for serious cycling. The stealthy, bike-friendly features are well-concealed in a flattering fit and fashionable design.

  • Waterproof soft shell fabric is 100% polyester.
  • Drop down rear panel has 3M reflective tape and reflective piping accents.
  • The weather-guard cuffs are gussetted.
  • Hidden pit zips allow furtive venting.
  • The chest pocket has an audio port so you can ride to your own soundtrack.
  • The side gusset lets you adjust the fit and degree of flare.
  • weight 610g [small]
  • $235cdn

Showerpass Portland Jacket manufacturer’s webpage.

I’ll get Sharon to write up a review closer to Christmas once she has a few months under her belt.  So far she is stoked by the fit, features and quality of construction.


27 08 2010

No lock?...no problem just bring 'er in...=-)

CETMA Build…

26 08 2010

CETMA Fork...

I’m posting my CETMA build photos on Flickr here. I’ll keep updating them and commenting on them as I go.