Crank Brothers Joplin Redux

13 05 2010

Got my Joplin 3" adjustable seatpost back from Crank Brothers...

My Joplin adjustable seatpost broke a few weeks ago so it had to go back to Crank Brothers for repair.

Remote bar mounted lever...the only way to go...

I really liked my Joplin seatpost when it was working for me.

Installing the remote lever cable is very easy...

But I didn’t realize how awesome this seatpost was until I had to go back to the stock non-adjustable Thompson post.

Installing and adjusting the saddle is a snap as well...

I think Crank Brothers provided me with a refurbished post vs. repairing my old post, but as long as it works I really don’t care.

30.9mm post size fits my Nomad perfectly...

Unfortunately it looks like Kurt’s Joplin is starting to leak oil so he’ll be sending his back to Crank Brothers as well…=-( As long as it’s covered by the warranty we can both live with out seatposts needing service once every year or so.

Joplin back where she belongs!



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20 08 2010
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[…] of the products that really revolutionized my mountain biking was a Crank Brothers Joplin adjustable seatpost.  When mine broke recently and had to be sent back for repair I was shocked how much using a rigid […]

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