The ultimate cure…

17 08 2010

...for injured ribs...

…ibuprofen and vodka!



6 responses

17 08 2010

Ha! Yes!

17 08 2010

I like this. But I like to make it sound more legit and call it Vitamin-I.

21 08 2010

What are we curing?…


22 08 2010

Bruised ribs!

22 08 2010

I totally feel the pain. I just went down last month when I went for a rails-to-trails ride here in Gainesville Florida I was pushing my Big Dummy along at a zippy 20 mph when I saw Bambi (a deer) in the distance. I never expected the innocent looking woodland animal to act like a squirrel and hit my bike. So I hit the ground, I never hit my brakes. I now have an airport security (steel plate with ten screws) risk holding my right collar bone back together. I also cracked a few ribs that could not be patched with anything other than vodka.

Everett Henderson

25 08 2010

@Everette – OUCH! I hope you feel better soon….those deer can be dangerous!

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