Electronic Rohloff Shifter

25 08 2010

Electronic shifting for your Rohloff...

This new electronic push button shifting system has appeared on Australian EBay.  I have no experience with it and have not read any reviews, but I thought I would share it in case someone out there is in need of a Rohloff shifter for a drop bar or other type of non-flat bar install.

Box contents...

Since my Rohloffs are on flat bar bikes I’m pretty happy with my twist shifter and cables since it works well and is reliable – not to mention easy for me to service at home.

Shift motor attaches to Rohloff External Gear Mechanism...

However, I have tried a Rohloff with a drop bar bike and never found a solution I was really happy with so I can see where this product or at least something other than a twist shifter would make sense.

One of two shift buttons that can be placed anywhere you like...

The bike in these photos is a front wheel drive recumbent with drop bars.  So they have placed the shift buttons under each brake lever.  Although you could place them somewhere else you found convenient.

This control box connects the buttons and shift motor...

I’m assuming the battery is located in the box pictured above and has a capacity for 600-1000 shifts.  This may be only a few days of riding if you like to shift a lot and ride in stop and go traffic.  I’m also unsure how the battery life will be affected by cold temperatures and if the unit is waterproof.

Complete bike...

I’ll be interested to see if this product survives in what is a very small market given how few Rohloffs are out there [maybe 100,000+] and that a lot of people are using Rohloff’s for their reliability and low maintenance which could be adversely affected by adding this complex shifting mechanism to the mix.



7 responses

25 08 2010

hmmmmm…I think I’m gonna stick with my twisty for now…

25 08 2010

Shimano 11 in the fall: sell your Rohloff stock!

25 08 2010

The Alfine 11 is moving closer to the Rohloff, but it’s still not matching the gear range or service life/reliability of the Rohloff. Those are still two key areas where Shimano falls short. Having said that for a lot of people not using IGHs the 11 speed Alfine may lure them over to the dark side.

27 08 2010

What if you stop for a traffic light? Do you really have to push every single shift?
That would be ridiculous. There’s traffic lights, sharp bends and hill-inclination changes here every 300 feet, so with 1000 clicks i wouldn’t complete even one ride!
Leon (my bike with Shimano-LX already lastst 20000 miles in these conditions)

27 08 2010

Imagine if Rohloff listened to its customers and made a shifted that suited a drop bar. Wouldn’t that be revolutionary? They can’t be unaware that there is strong demand for a drop bar compatible shifter, and they they stubbornly ignore it. It’s a big reason I won’t buy one of their hubs.

5 11 2011

What make is that FWD recumbent?

6 11 2011

@James – looks like some sort of Cruz Bike Bent unless it’s homemade. I don’t recall. Try a Google image search.

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