Bob Keller Fatbike

23 01 2012

A Bob Keller custom fatbike...

I saw this sweet custom fatbike over at and got excited because unlike all the new fatbike designs with super low toptubes this one keeps the TT high. That looks much nicer and provides a ton of room for a framebag inside the main triangle. I’m sure the owner won’t be repeatedly injured by TT to groin contact…it seems like toe overlap it’s only a problem for some people. I’m glad I got a first generation Pugsley with a taller TT – although it’s not nearly as sweet looking as this bike…=-)

Fat by design...

More info:



4 responses

23 01 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

Thats real clean looking..i like it..

23 01 2012

I’m with you and the taller TT. My first generation Pugsley is a 16″. The smallest frame. I’m short, yet the taller TT on the older Pug still has enough room for a decent sized framebag.

23 01 2012

looks like the wider 170mm spacing in the rear, ay?

19 08 2012

yes, it’s my bike – 170 rear, and 4.7 tires. Higher TT for bag clearance and a different look. thanks for looking!

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