Hanna gets her kite on…

24 12 2009

Colin waits for the launch...

Kiteboarding Conference

Another La Ventana launch....

Viva la Mexico!

22 12 2009

Patriotic Kiteboarder

The Kiteboarder grin! after an Epic day...=-)

No wind? No Problem!

21 12 2009

Kristin Backlit

La Ventana wind forecast...

Baja Mermaid

Kite Repair

19 12 2009

Adrian & Salvatore fixing a leaking kite.

I can't seem to escape pataching tubes!!!

Mischief Managed!

I love that my tires are bigger…=-)

18 12 2009

Size matters!

Sand Everywhere….

17 12 2009

You can't escape the sand living at the beach...

Kite Rigging

16 12 2009

Hanna and Salvatore rigging a Naish Cult

City Limits

16 12 2009

Riding to the edge of town on the Pugsley

Kite Schooling

15 12 2009

Hanna sky high.

Kites on the beach at Elevation KBing School

Trainer Kite Flying


12 12 2009

Adrian walks past a pile of my wet gear...

Baja Fatty Double

11 12 2009

Kristin and Colin enjoy a Baja McFatty!

KBing Baja

10 12 2009

Launching on the busy beach...

Getting wet!

Full Moon in the Arroyo

9 12 2009

The full moon was stunning...

The Easy Rider Iceman!

2 12 2009

Warren from The Easy Rider in Edmonton, Alberta – got his winter SUP paddling habit on the news….=-)

I’m kind of glad that it’s too hot at 8am in La Ventana to wear a t-shirt when SUPing!


2 12 2009

Blue Camo Porn

Paddling a Starboard Ultimate Blend

SUP in the AM

1 12 2009

Collin tries out my Foote SUP