Lance launches his new cologne…

12 10 2012

EPO – the scent of victory!

So a whole slew of Lance’s US Postal teammates have come forward and admitted they doped while on the team and that he not only doped, but was instrumental in pressuring/aiding them in doping and that he was involved in witness intimidation to aid the cover up. You can read USADA’s case online here and a summary is here. I’ve heard more than one lawyer who was not involved with the case on either side review the evidence and describe it as devastating. From rider testimony, to financial records, to emails and other documents what stands out to me is that so many different sources of information all say the same thing – there was an uber sophisticated doping program going on at US Postal and that LA was at the heart of it.

I think this whole process has been important and I’m glad USADA had the courage to go after US Postal and Lance. Why is it important? Well everyone in the peleton knew what was going on. As young riders came up the ranks Lance was the undisputed king. It was clear if you wanted to have any chance of rising to that level you had to dope. If you have any doubt about this reasoning just read the doping admissions of Levi, Big George and gang. By destroying the legacy of LA the myth that you can cheat and get away with it is busted. You may not get caught in the race you doped, but one day you will be held accountable and your legacy will be in ruins. That’s a powerful incentive to race clean.

What I think we need to ask next is why the US Federal Prosecutor that investigated the same evidence before USADA took up the case decided to drop the matter without filing any charges. It’s clear that there was overwhelming evidence to support the charges of doping at US Postal. My guess is Lance had friends in high places that were able to shut the investigation down. If that’s true than we ought to appreciate the work that Travis Tygart at USADA has done, because there was probably a whole slew of behind the scenes attacks we have not heard about.

Here’s a few perspectives on the USADA case from the media.

Lance vs. USADA…

16 06 2012

Click here to read the USADA Doping Letter…

TdeF Podium Analysis…

2 06 2011

The boys!

I thought this analysis of the riders who stood on the podium at the Tour de France over the last few years was interesting. Definitely makes me feel less guilty about that mid-brevet tripple espresso!…=-)

Sean’s Bike with Crud Roadracer MK2 fenders…

28 03 2011

Sean on the move...

I installed a set of Crud Roadracer Mk2 full coverage plastic fenders on Sean’s road bike Saturday. They went on in about 15mins without any hassles and fit well. They look like they’ll provide excellent protection for a quick attach fender although it didn’t rain on the Victoria Populaire yesterday so I can’t confirm that yet. They run quietly and don’t move around a ton. In terms of first impressions they seem like a nice option for bikes with minimal clearance that would preclude a more traditional plastic/metal fender. They look pretty nice as well.

Sean's ride...


Boulder Bicycle All Road Build…

11 03 2011

My Boulder Bicycle All Road...

Boulder Bicycle All Road

  • frame size custom tweaked but essentially size E 57.7cm TT
  • frame welded by Waterford
  • skinny standard size tube set [7-4-7mm TT and 8-5-8mm DT]
  • 1″ steel fork with 70mm offset [~30mm trail]
  • colour pearl white
  • Nitto Noodle 42cm bars
  • MEC white bar tape
  • Nitto 95mm 5 deg rise stem UI 5GX
  • Miche needle bearing headset
  • Nitto seatpost [single bolt]
  • Selle Anatomica Titanico
  • Cane Creek brake levers
  • Tektro 720 canti brakes w/ Koolstop salmon pads
  • Jagwire brake and cable housing
  • Shimano 9spd bar end shifters
  • Front derailleur Shimano LX
  • Sugino triple cranks [48/36/26] 175mm
  • SKF BB
  • Time ATAC XS pedals
  • SRAM 9spd chain PC971
  • Shimano 9spd 11-32 or 13-26 cassette
  • Nitto M-12 rack
  • Velocity Synergy 650B 32H rims
  • Front hub SON Deluxe
  • Rear hub White Industries
  • Grand Bois Hetres 42mm 650B tires
  • Honjo hammered fenders
  • Edelux headlight
  • Planet Bike Superflash/Blinky 7 taillight
  • Berthoud large [28] black bar bag
  • Cateye Strada bike computer
  • Velo Orange bottle cages
  • Planet Bike frame pump

Crud Road Racer Fenders…

10 03 2011

Full coverage fenders for road bikes...

I saw these full coverage plastic fenders on a road bike at Russ Hayes Bikes recently.  If you want to ride regularly here in the winter you need fenders and to ride in a group you need full coverage fenders.  That can be quite a challenge on most road bikes given their minimal clearance for even 23mm tires let alone adding a fender to the mix.  The SKS Race Blades have been around for a while, but they are fairly useless…better than nothing, but not by much.

I haven’t tried these fenders so I can’t say how well they work, but given the limited options for wet weather road bikers beggars can’t be choosers!

Looks like a clever design...

If you have a set of these I’d love to know how they are working for you.

Soaking in the sunshine…

5 03 2011

Countryside ramble...

Given the nice weather today I wasn’t going to miss my chance to pedal. Heading out of Victoria is easy from my house. Within a few minutes I’m on rural bike paths or quiet country roads. Spinning along on wide tires I don’t really care if the surface is paved, gravel or dirt. My bike just wants to roll. Passing fields, farms and houses as I ride through the trees and then along the ocean it’s not hard to figure out why so many cyclists call Victoria home…=-)