KSi900r Adjustable Seatpost…

20 08 2010

My Santa Cruz Nomad with a KSi900r installed...

One of the products that really revolutionized my mountain biking was a Crank Brothers Joplin adjustable seatpost.  When mine broke recently and had to be sent back for repair I was shocked how much using a rigid seatpost negatively affected my ride.

Sharon's Nomad...

When Sharon decided to get a mountain bike I figured she needed to have an adjustable seatpost on her bike as well so I moved my Joplin 3″ seatpost over to her Santa Cruz Nomad.

Remote lever cable enters from rear of post...

I looked at the Crank Brothers Joplin 4″ travel seatpost, but I wasn’t confident I wouldn’t experience the same failure that I had with my Joplin 3″ post.  I had read some good reviews for the KSi900r 5″ post and I found a local source in Calgary [Western Motorsports] that was selling them for ~$220cdn – a much lower price then the Joplin. I decided it was worth trying a KS post and seeing what I thought.

KSi900r at max 5" extension...

Installation of the post was a breeze with the remote lever and cable coming preassembled in the box. The saddle mounts with two bolts which took a little longer to deal with than the Joplin’s single bolt setup, but I don’t swap saddles often so this isn’t too important to me.

KSi900r lowered...

Note the cunning use of a zip tie just above the seatpost QR to keep the remote cable away from the rear tire.

Remote bar mounted lever...

The Kind Shock remote lever [red component in photo above] isn’t as easy to use as the Joplin’s lever, but it’s not awful.  If I don’t love it in the long run I can replace it with a Joplin remote lever since the post itself doesn’t care how you pull the cable.

I’m looking forward to having 5″ of travel with this post vs. the 3″ my Joplin had available.


  • diameter = 30.9mm
  • weight = 546g
  • adjustment range = 125mm
  • length = 385mm
  • warranty = 2 years

I’ll be even happier if this post is still working fine in a couple years…=-)



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23 08 2010


I have heard several complaints about the Joplin failing. One guy on our recent trip to Crested Butte had his fail in the lowered position on a long ride.

I purchased a Gravity Dropper last rear with the remote lever on the bar. I bought it in Moab for use on a rental bike and when I got it home I realized that it couldn’t be run low enough in the fully extended position on my bike. I called them up and they swapped it out for a slightly shorter version, no problem. It has been very reliable with virtually no maintenance.

Good luck with that KS post. Hopefully it survives long term better than the Joplin.

25 08 2010

@Sean – I’m hopeful, but I know that the KS may fail as well and if it does the Gravity Dropper is the next unit on my list. I preferred the infinite adjustment of the Joplin and KS, but obviously only if they work…=-)

Kurt just got a new Joplin, we have the new Joplin rebuild on Sharon’s bike and the new KS on mine….add in the two busted Joplins and we have a sample size of 5. If we try 5 of these air/oil posts and they all crap out it’s time to go straight up mechanical.

14 02 2013
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