Ortliebs on the Tikit Folding Rack…

15 08 2010

Ortlieb mounted towards rear of rack...

I’ve been asked about mounting Ortliebs on the folding Bike Friday Tikit rack so here are some photos. Note that I use my Orliebs on several racks so I mount the upper/lower hooks in a middle position that works okay with all my racks, but isn’t necessarily ideal for any of them. If I was going to tour with my Tikit I’d take 5 mins and adjust the hooks to fit this rack better.

Ortlieb mounted towards the front...

Generally speaking I like to mount my panniers as far forward as the rack and heel clearance permit for better handling.  It’s worth playing with your bags/racks and trying out a few different options to see what you like best.



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22 08 2010

Have you heard any mention of the weight capacity of the new Tikit folding rack? And how sturdy does it appear to be to you, in person?

22 08 2010

I haven’t heard a specific weight capacity, but it’s a sturdy rack so my guess would be a normal touring load of 25-40lbs would be fine. I’m probably guessing low, but I don’t want to overstate the weight capacity.

18 10 2010

Hi Vik,
I’m looking into buying a fold-able touring bike, with BF being the obvious choice.
The folks at BF surprisingly suggested I get a Tikit with both front and back racks, and not the NWT, as I expected they would. My guess is they misunderstood my intention when saying “touring”. To be clear, I’m talking about self sustained touring, carrying full camping equipment (about 20-30kg’s in four panniers + a tent on top of the rear rack) and cycling about 100km per day on paved or good gravel roads (hoping to be on tour once to twice a year).
To make things more interesting, I’m also considering using the same bike to cycle one-way to the University every couple of days, which is a 30km ride, and which means that whichever bike I get, it may end up getting folded/unfolded on a daily basis for commuting the other way.
Do you think a Tikit equipped with the two racks is indeed capable of the type of touring that I describe? (I’m sure it can handle the daily commuting part effortlessly).

18 10 2010

@Uri – The Tikit would work, but I don’t think it’s ideal as a touring bike for the sorts of tours you describe. I guess what it comes down to is how often will you be touring and how often will you be commuting? If your touring is a week a year and you’ll ride the bike daily as a commuter a Tikit might make sense as it would be the better commuter.

Without knowing all the ins and outs of your situation I might suggest a NWT with the new quick fold stem and the easy fold seatmast. That is an awesome touring bike and the folding seatmast and stem will make commutes so much easier.

I would chat with BF a bit more to understand why they are suggesting a Tikit and what specific setup they are talking about. Then maybe ask them to help you spec out a NWT and then you will have two good options to consider.

19 10 2010

Thanks, I will consult more with BF, though I think they also understand the NWT will be a better choice for my needs.
As I also own a Strida, I’m already “covered” for short commutes. Indeed I liked your definition in a different post where you wrote that “My Tikit is a folding bike that’s awesome – my NWT is an awesome bike that folds”.
The Strida well answers my need for short commutes with lots of folding/unfolding.
My LHT answers the need for touring, as well as longer commutes, but with the obvious disadvantage of not being packable/fold-able.
The NWT sounds like the bike that will best close the gap, at least for me (especially with the recent upgrades for faster and more convenient folding).
It is interesting to see how the Tikit keeps getting upgrades to make it more of a touring bike (gearing/racks), while the NWT keeps getting upgrades to make its fold faster and more usable (though fundamentally they seem like quite different beasts).
I wonder if one day we’ll get a bike that can truly do it all…
So thanks again and keep up the good work. Your blog has been a pleasure to read and an invaluable source of info.

19 10 2010

@Uri – when building my NWT I took the measurements from my LHT. If I close my eyes they ride quite similarly. The NWT has quicker handling due to the smaller wheels, but they have a lot in common. I don’t have the quick fold stem which is the only change I’d make to my NWT.

1 11 2010


Is that ortlieb back roller pannier or front roller? Bit hard to figure out from photo. Thanks.

1 11 2010

@Jin – neither – it’s a rear flip lid version not a roll top version….should be about the same size though.

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