MKS Half Clip Deep

18 08 2010

MKS half toe clips...

I went down to Fairfield Bicycles last weekend and found they had the VO half clips I was looking for as well as the MKS units shown above.

MKS half clips on MKS QR pedals...

Although the MKS clips were double the cost of VO clips they were deeper which seemed preferable and at $29cdn they were within my budget.  Given the cost of shipping anything comparable I ordered online would have been as much if not more.

front view...

The clips went on in under 5 mins. Each attaches to the pedal with 2 bolts.  All the hardware and a hex key were provided.  Since the pedals are MKS as well everything went together easily.

The MKS clips add a bit of bling to the One Way Tikit...

The clips look nice and are quite stiff.  Their weight makes them hang from the pedals so there will be some scratching on the “nose” of each clip.

Using the MKS clips with my trail runners...

I tried the clips with my trail runners.  These shoes have a hard plastic insole and are quite slippery on anything less than BMX platforms with traction pins.  I have ridden the Bike Friday One Way Tikit with these shoes without clips and it wasn’t fun.  Using the half clips was much better.  Fairly easy to flip the pedal up and slide my foot into the clip without looking down.  While riding they keep the shoe positioned properly and don’t let it slip forward onto the plastic insole.

Front view of shoe in clip...

Naturally these half clips can only offer a limited amount of foot retention.  However, as I expected they provide enough security to make shoes I wasn’t comfortable riding in before work fine.  Most importantly to me they only add the slightest extra hassle getting in and almost no hassle pulling my foot out.

Clipped and ready to rip...

So far the only thing I would change if I could is make them about 1″ deeper horizontally so I could position my foot slightly further forward on the pedal.  Thanks to everyone to provided suggestions for my quest to add some toe clips to this bike…=-)



2 responses

8 04 2011

Nice review.

Could you provide a measurement of the clips? I’m worried about front wheel clearance!

8 04 2011

Sorry I can’t. I gave them to a friend.

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