Greenspeed Scorcher Rough Surface Test

3 08 2010

The most challenging road surface I ride regularly is a long wooden decked bridge on the Galloping Goose MUP here in Victoria BC.  It gives me issues with even my 700c wheeled bikes.  My Bike Friday Tikits with Greenspeed Scorchers do really well on this bridge.  I’m often overtaking folks on big wheel bikes who are vibrating so hard their teeth are about to come loose.  I can definitely feel the gaps between the wooden decking on my Tikits, but most of the impact is absorbed by my tires.  Having too much time on my hands I shot a video riding with one hand at a decent speed over this bridge.



9 responses

3 08 2010

Looks like that could be quite the annoying ride with the wrong setup.

I feel sorry for the folks who don’t believe in fat tires.

3 08 2010

The good news is this is a great spot to over take people since most people slow to a crawl over this bridge and on most of my bikes I can maintain a decent clip.

3 08 2010

Vil, I have too say you’ve sold me on the scorchers for the tikit I should be buying soon…

3 08 2010

Vik not Vil… Darn autospell…

3 08 2010

Hahaha…I’ll respond to anything starting with a V as well as Rick, Nick, Dick, etc… =-)~

8 08 2010

Say Vik, how much is a set of these wonderful Scorcher tires? I need a new set of me tikit.

9 08 2010

@Al – I pay about $40 each for them. Bike Friday sells them as do other vendors.

19 11 2010

Hi Vik I swapped from Marathon Plusses to Scorchers on BF Crusoe after reading you review. What a difference they make to speed and comfort!. All I have against the Scorchers is the puttering noise they make on tarmac. Have you noticed this? Any solutions? From another lazyraondo fan. Thanks. Nick

19 11 2010

@Nick…glad you liked them! I just did 110kms mostly wet rocky mud trail [I didn’t know! I thought trail was paved!] with 406 GS Scorchers and they did great…even steep climbs and descents. I have never noticed any sound from my Scorchers on pavement????


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