One Way Tikit Upgrades Part 1…

4 08 2010

My Bike Friday One Way Tikit's current spec...


  • Brooks B17 w/ rain cover
  • Planet Bike Superflash
  • rear brake removed

My "new" black steerer tube...

The steerer is now black with the help of some electrical tape!

More comfy cockpit...

The cockpit:



2 responses

6 08 2010
james stiegler

Hi Vik,

I follow your blog and have tried out many of your good ideas, including jones/titec bar and ergon grips. Both of these surprized me with the control and comfort they offer. I went on a short tour in May with my Bike Friday NWT and used a Xootr seatpost rack and Ortlieb pannier. The rack does not have any major advantages over the regular BF rack but I did become quite fond of it. I am not sure it would work with a tikit and probably has many shortcomings when compared to the new BF folking tikit rack but I thought I would send this limited recommendation to you of the Xootr. Its streamed lined and balance transport of a single pannier on an ultrlight tour was functional and good looking too. Thanks for all your good tips. jim

7 08 2010

@Jim – thanks for the tip!

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