Showerpass Portland Jacket

28 08 2010

Sharon about to ride to work...

Sharon has pretty much parked her car since moving to Victoria and been riding her bike everywhere she needs to go. Her interest in bike related gear has increased rapidly as her kms accumulate.  She found this sweet Showerpass Portland jacket at MEC and decided just because she needs a waterproof cycling jacket she didn’t have to look goofy!

MEC marketing spew:

The Portland is everything you might expect from a jacket named for such a hip town. It’s big on style and weatherproof performance, and built for serious cycling. The stealthy, bike-friendly features are well-concealed in a flattering fit and fashionable design.

  • Waterproof soft shell fabric is 100% polyester.
  • Drop down rear panel has 3M reflective tape and reflective piping accents.
  • The weather-guard cuffs are gussetted.
  • Hidden pit zips allow furtive venting.
  • The chest pocket has an audio port so you can ride to your own soundtrack.
  • The side gusset lets you adjust the fit and degree of flare.
  • weight 610g [small]
  • $235cdn

Showerpass Portland Jacket manufacturer’s webpage.

I’ll get Sharon to write up a review closer to Christmas once she has a few months under her belt.  So far she is stoked by the fit, features and quality of construction.



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29 08 2010


starting yesterday morning, I have been getting a very messed up version of your page. I look at a number of RSS feeds using Firefox 3.6 and they all still appear correctly. I CAN use IE 6 to view yours but would prefer to stay with Firefox.
Your page now appears without the formatting I am used to. All of the links that used to be on the right hand side now appear left justified going down the page.

I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but any thoughts you have for a solution would really be appreciated.

thanks, Janet

29 08 2010

I have no control of how wordpress formats the rss feed. It may be a glitch which they’ll fix if it’s affecting lots of people.

30 08 2010

Thanks Vik, I’ll just use IE for now. Janet

30 08 2010

i’ve had the men’s Portland since March. used it a lot up till the summer (which wasn’t till July here in Portland).
my biggest complaint was the name! it felt like wearing a band’s tshirt to the band you are going to go see.

but the jacket itself has been bomber. nice and roomy. not as warm/sweaty as i had expected (this is good). i like it much more than plastic-y jackets that stick to you. it feels a step closer to being in a car. the construction is great and i think it will have no problem earning itself a good value mark in my book.

the builk/weight is the only big drawback in my opinion. this isn’t a drawback at all for commuting, but for touring/long rides, i will probably carry something lighter/more packable.

and i really like that i can walk the dog or get coffee and not feel like a banana.

30 08 2010

I’ve got the men’s version too. I bought it in an end-of-season sale in Portland for 40% off which is the only way I could possibly justify replacing my perfectly functional but traffic-cone yellow Showers Pass Touring jacket. It’s been absolutely great and have gotten complements on it from men and women alike, most of whom didn’t know it was a bike jacket!

30 08 2010

I am glad that MEC has started carrying Shower’s Pass jackets. I was at the MEC mothership a couple of weeks ago and I saw the Portland and Men’s hybrid jacket for the first time in the flesh. I have had an Elite II jacket for more than five years, and aside from a little wear on the zipper, it has held up amazingly well. The eVent fabric is more breathable than Gore Tec XCR. I tried a high end MEC jacket (a style that is no longer made), and in comparison, the MEC jacket was heavier, less breathable, and also the zipper failed after six months.

1 09 2010

If you like the jacket, you should definitely get the Portland Cap. It is the same breathable fabric that is almost water proof. A great cap for the winter of commuting.

2 09 2010

@Adrian: i got mine for 40% off too! did you go to bike gallery? in addition i had a few bike to work certificates that brought the price down to about $50!

11 02 2011
Ty Smith

Hey Vik!

Never saw a review from Sharon.

I’ve been seriously considering this jacket and would love to hear what she thought.


11 02 2011

@Ty – she’s been wearing it pretty much every day commuting to work. She doesn’t ride in the pouring rain, but she rides on days when it rains a bit. So far no complaints. I can ask her for more details when I get home next weekend.

26 02 2011

I really like this jacket and have worn it nearly everyday when cycling to work for 4 months (Oct-Jan). It is comfortable and is wearing well. I haven’t had to wash it yet and it appears to not stain/mark/(or smell) too much. It is lightweight, but I have worn it when it is just below freezing and still been warm (I can get very cold). It is versatile with zippers under the arm for ventilation, cycling over the winter I have not needed these as yet. I don’t bike when it is heavy rain, but I have used it in drizzle and have stayed dry. I was looking for a stylish jacket that didn’t look like bike apparel. I often bike places where I can’t get changed, or have to go to meetings so this jacket is ideal as you can get off your bike and carry on your day.

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