Velo Orange Deep Half Clips

11 08 2010

Velo Orange Deep Half Toe Clips...

I’ve been looking for a foot retention system for my Bike Friday One Way Tikit that lets me use any shoes, platform pedals and doesn’t add much hassle to my ride.  Dynocoaster – a member of the Bike folding bike sub-forum pointed me to these partial toe clips sold by Velo Orange.

They look ideal:

  • nice looking
  • enough foot retention to make a difference without locking down my feet
  • easy in and out
  • low cost

Unfortunately they are out of stock, but I’ll keep checking back and I’ll post a review when I get a set.



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11 08 2010
Reed Kennedy

I tried these out a few years ago and found that they offered almost no meaningful foot retention.

If you pedal with your foot at a significant angle and use a shoe / pedal combination that offers virtually no grip they will keep your foot from sliding forward, but that’s about it. 95% of the time you might as well have simple flat pedals.

I’ve now switched to Power Grips which I absolutely adore. For my uses, they have all the advantages of these or full toe clips and many of the advantages of clipless pedals.

The only downside is that they can be a bit fiddly to get on while you’re getting used to them and they are breaking in.

11 08 2010

I tried power grips and they were too much hassle given I’m not looking for a ton of foot retention. I’ll probably still try the half clips….given the cost it is a low cost experiment, but I do appreciate the feedback.

11 08 2010

I have the plastic version from Zefal. They get scratched by the road surface when hanging head down while pedalling or pushing the bike. Buy cheap! Easier entry and exit, compared to conventional clips and straps.

The clips are not stiff enough for pulling up. But they prevent the shoe from slipping to the front. Likely no improvement over molded rubber soles on pinned platform pedals, but “handy” with other shoes.

11 08 2010
Reed Kennedy

Sounds good Vik, hopefully they’ll work out better for you than they did for me.
FYI, there are a couple options other than the VO which may be in stock:

I like this nice leather-covered one myself:

And FWIW, I’ve found Power Grips get far easier to deal with after a month or so. Whether it’s because they break in or because I got used to them I have no idea. All I know is that I’m glad to have the retention on my fixie!

11 08 2010

Vik you might also look at hold fast straps or velo city bags straps…

11 08 2010

You are overestimating the retention of these clips. My opinion: a fixed gear bike with no brakes would be VERY dangerous if these are your retention strategy. A fixed gear bike with a single brake would still be pretty dangerous with these clips.

Mine are sitting in a lonely corner of my parts bin. I may use them on a freewheel bike in the future but not fixed. I had the same objective but found the mini clips to be inadequate for riding hard or riding over hard terrain. If you are in Calgary, you are welcome to try mine.

11 08 2010

@Ryan – I’m currently using nothing but flat pedals of two fixies with no issues. I’m not trying to solve some henious problem. I’d like a bit more foot retention, but not at the cost of much hassle to use them with a variety of footwear.

At $12 it’s not a huge investment.

12 08 2010

What about these, I saw them at NAHBS in Richmond Va, last year and was blown away. You can get these in any colour and wear them with any shoes and pedals.

Here is manufacturers page with lots of colours.


PS did you check out MWRR photos on BROL?

13 08 2010

Hey Vik:

I’d second the suggestion of plastic clips. I think that the Zefal ones are the deepest. I haven’t tried the VO half clips, but the MKS ones definitely only work well with shoes with relatively pointy toes.

I’m not really digging the holdfast straps, but again, I’m not riding fixed, so YMMV.

Also, powergrips have a new version specifically for fixed gear, with a simplified mounting system.

14 08 2010

Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m going to check out Fairfield Cycles this week and see what they have in stock. I don’t really want any full-on toe clips or foot straps – that’s not what I’m after.

I’m fine to ride my FG bikes using just platforms. I’ve done this for months and it’s no problem.

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