DIY Uber Stable Kickback

14 04 2010

Photo: Everryday Adventures

If you are an Xtracycle [or Big Dummy] owner with a Kickback center stand this wider more stable DIY mod may interest you.  I found it while reading the excellent Biking in a Big City Blog.



2 responses

14 04 2010

Thanks for the mention, Vik. Let me know the next time you’re in town, and maybe we can go for a ride.

19 05 2010

Xtracycle state that you’ll void your warranty if you do this modification – FYI.


Quote: “Please note that while your KickBack may be strong enough to hold you and your load on your bicycle, we do not warranty against damage to your KickBack, your FreeRadical, or your BigDummy when used in this fashion. Xtracycle warranties this product as a load supporting kick stand only, and is rated to match the max payload of your Xtracycle or Big Dummy. Any decisions to shorten legs or substitute legs provided with custom legs will void the warranty. Thankfully this thing is built so burly, you should never have to worry about all this warranty stuff. Just thought we’d share.”

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