Surly 1×1 Fixed Gear Mk2

15 04 2010

My Surly 1x1 fixed gear Mk2...

I’ve been posting about a Surly 1×1 build over on my Bow Cycle blog.  You can see the Mk1 version below and the new Mk2 version above.

Mk1 version of the build...

My initial goal was to use mostly parts that I had in my spares bin.  Once I had tested out the fixed gear concept for several weeks and liked it a lot.  I was willing to invest some $$$ as there were a few things I wanted to change.  I should note that I sold a frame and carried the money over to my LBS to pay for these upgrades.  The total was exactly the cash I had in my pocket from the frame sale, to the penny, so clearly the Universe is stoked about this bike!….=-)

Velocity B43 rims...deep and delicious!

The biggest change was getting the wheels [kept the previous hubs] relaced to Velocity B43 deep V rims.  This is partially functional in that the BB is a lot higher so I can corner much more aggressively.  And partially aesthetics – the bigger wheels with skinny rubber fills up the frame a lot nicer than the 26″ wheels did leaving enough room for some fenders.

Triple PB Superflash for mega visibility in all weather conditions...

I also added:

  • All City pedals
  • 2 more Planet Bike Superflash red blinkies [total of 3!]
  • ground off a tab on the Surly Tug Nut chain tensioner so I can access the drive side rear fender mount.
  • Planet Bike fenders

Ground down Tug Nut so I could mount fenders...

I do have a few Mk2.1 upgrades still planned:

  • toe clips and straps
  • higher quality 32mm tires

Front end...

I’m finding that the bigger wheels and resulting bigger gear take a bit more effort to spin up to speed, but once I’m there the bike wants to cruise like a steamroller.  With a higher BB and heavier wheels the bike isn’t quite as nimble as the previous version, but having a ton of cornering clearance is well worth the trade off when you cannot stop pedaling and need to lean the bike over.

Mec grips...

I must admit the white MEC grips are pretty, but not as comfortable as the Ergon Grips they replaced.  It’s only a matter of time before I swap the Ergons back in.  I’m running 28mm Continental Ultra Sport tires which are a good value at $24 each, but I would like something a bit more supple and a bit wider.  I’m in no rush, but when I come across some nice 32mm tires I’ll swap ’em in.

Back end...



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15 04 2010


I haven’t tried my new bike as a fixie just yet…. Is it hard to get used to?? I haven’t been riding a fixie since i was 4 years old… 😉

My Kona Paddywagon is running on the same kinda tyres, just 28 mm… I think they are pretty comfy… That is compared to my road racer…

Have fun cruising the city!!!

15 04 2010

That looks spectacular, Vik! Love those rims! Are they road specific or do they have some as deep and delicious in the 29er MTB category?


15 04 2010

@ Gerco – the first week of fixed was hard and I didn’t love it…by week two I was sold. Fixed gear is very unique and different than single speed. If you have a flip flop hub try it, but give yourself 2-3 weeks of constant use before you decide.

@ Scott – No reason you can’t run these rims on a 29er that has disc brakes, but they are fairly heavy!

15 04 2010
Bow Cycle | Vik’s Picks » Surly 1×1 Mk2

[…] built it up.  Most notably 700c wheels and fenders.  I’ve posted details of the upgrades here and photos […]

15 04 2010

lookin sweet, dude. i want one!
been thinking about picking up a used steamroller, but you got me thinking a bit harder about this frame again. guess the deciding factor for me would be the TT length. and what kind of spare parts the universe throw at me till then.
congrats on another sweet build! glad to hear the knee thing doesn’t mess with you.

15 04 2010

Wow. That looks really awesome, Vik. I agree, for anyone wanting to try a fixed gear, a flip-flop hub is the way to go. My rain bike came with a flip-flop and it was great to try fixed. But back to your bike… it looks incredible. I think you and I may have the exact same taste in what a bike should look like!

15 04 2010

Sweet looking ride, Vik! I am especially diggin’ those wheels.
Have fun riding it!
Peace 🙂

27 04 2010

How’s this for fixie fun?

29 03 2011
Surly 1×1 Frame for sale… « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] My MK2 upgrades are discussed here. […]

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