Bike Friday Folding Stem

13 04 2010

I noticed on Walter’s Blog that Bike Friday has a new folding Tikit style stem for their pocket bikes like my NWT.  This does two things for you:

  1. it allows you to the fold a Bike Friday Travel bike much faster than previously.
  2. it keeps the stem/bars in place when folded so you can carry the folded bike easily.

If you are  a bike commuter who wants the beefier more touring worthy ride of a Bike Friday travel bike, but needs some of the Tikit’s fast convenient fold this may be the upgrade for you.



One response

13 04 2010
Brian Ogilvie

I ordered one for my new NWT after talking to Dave Seybert at BF, who assured me that it’s a lot stiffer than the Tikit stem. My main reason for getting a NWT is that I find the Tikit too flexy for really long rides.

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