That’s my girl…

26 04 2010

Sharon learning to drop in...

I’ve been talking to my GF Sharon about getting a mountain bike lately.  Two things that made me happy:

  1. was she understands why a $3K bike is a better choice for her [lighter & better suspension]
  2. she wants a bike that can go DH confidently and we’ll worry about the climbing 2nd

Smart girl…for $3K she can get a Santa Cruz Nomad which goes up and down well while not weighing a ton.

The downside is she doesn’t have $3K burning a hole in her pocket so we probably have to save until next spring – unless a nice used bike comes along.  That’s fine quality is worth the wait…=-)



One response

26 04 2010

Is a great thing to share – my wife and I went for a ride in the Perth Hills – Western Australia this afternoon. Thankfully I can still burn her off up-hill, but I take great joy in her getting into the downhill ahead of me – she has no fear 🙂

She’s got a 2005 Rocky Mountain ETSX-50 and loves it – definitely worth spending the money for a decent bike.

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