Kona hates Canada!

6 04 2010

Kona 2009 Full Suspension Sale

Okay I realize I’m being dramatic, but as a Canadian you do get really tired of getting the shaft because you live on the North side of an imaginary line.  It’s not like our money doesn’t buy stuff or that there is much difference between living in Windsor Ontario or 2 miles across the river in Detroit….well unless you want a good deal on a 2009 Kona FS bike….

Kona is having a big sale on specific 2009 full suspension bikes – well as long as you don’t live in Canada!…=-(  Kona is USA/CDN company – supposedly 50/50, but it seems the USA half gets the good deals.  *sigh*



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6 04 2010

For a limited time save big on select 2009 Kona dual suspension bike at participating Kona dealers.

$1,700 off our Magic Link do-it-all trail slayer, the 2009 CoilAir Supreme. The entry-level backcountry Dawgma goes for only $1,299. There’s also huge savings across our entire line of freeride-founding Stinky’s. And that’s just the start. Take a look at all the great deals below. Just click on the Dealer link by each bike and you’re on your way to bringing home some serious off-road cheer.

FWIW it’s all through dealers, i.e. an (MS/R)RP slash, so you’re limited to the inventory of your LBS. Canadian dealers might just be willing to cut the same deals (discounts seem to be 25-33%) just to get those boxes out of the basement.

6 04 2010

Thanks I spoke with Bow Cycle to see if they can get in on the deal in Canada…they are checking.

6 04 2010

I stand corrected – Canadians can access this sale – if you harass your LBS and they happen to buy so many bikes from Kona that Kona wants to keep ’em happy!

7 04 2010

You’re welcome. Kona should kick me a Ute frameset for my trouble =)

7 04 2010

I agree…see if you can swing me a Kona baseball cap!….=-)

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