Big Dummy Frame Bag

8 04 2010

Porcelain Rocket BD Frame Bag

Scott from Porcelain Rocket made me this awesome frame bag for my Surly Big Dummy.  It fits in the triangle behind the seattube that previously was only used for a single waterbottle cage.  With 4 bottle cages on a Big Dummy I can certainly give up one to get some useful storage.  Now you might say with all the storage available on a Big Dummy why do you need more?  Well the storage options at the back are limited to pockets in the Xtracycle Freeloader bags. They work and are useful for items not needed a lot like extra tie down straps, pump, etc..  The problem is when you have your Freeloaders loaded up it’s hard to get access to these pockets without having to mess with your cargo.

Left side of bag with two pockets...

That’s where Scott’s bag comes in…by adding some easily accessible storage behind the seattube you can carry smaller items like your wallet, camera, snacks, cell phone and get to them anytime without messing with your cargo – that’s ideal.

The workmanship on this bag is top notch.  The materials used are very durable and essentially waterproof everywhere, but the stitching and zippers.  A bit of seam seal could make the bag virtually waterproof if I desire.  It fits perfectly and looks great on the bike.

Left side of bag with a single waterproof cellphone pocket...

The left side of the bag is reinforced with a removable stiff plastic insert so the bag doesn’t hit the chain.  There is also a small waterproof pocket for a cellphone or camera.

Inside the waterproof stash pocket...

Scott did such a nice job I’m getting a custom frame bag for my Santa Cruz Nomad so I can carry tools/pump/etc on the frame not on my back.

Scott personal bike with seatbag and barbag...

Scott will tackle custom jobs as well as making a production set of bike packing seat bags & bar bags like the ones shown above.



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8 04 2010

Got a glimpse of yours and ordered mine from Scott! Thanks for blazin’ the good gear trail, Vik!

8 04 2010

Thanks….I’ve got a few more ideas in the works! You’ll be very happy with Scott’s work…he’s a skilled craftsman and he loves bikes….great combo!

8 04 2010
Paul Ledet

I notice you are not running a front derailleur on the BD. Will this bag work with one as is or would it need the bottom front strap moved? Do you have a ballpark figure for cost?

Thanks Vik.

8 04 2010

My BD does have a Rohloff Chain Guide which mounts about the same spot as a front derailleur and there is no clearance issue. Additionally the bag has so many straps you really don’t need the lower one on the seattube and Scott can just delete that from your order.

Your best off to ask Scott about costs. Mine was a prototype. I’m not sure what Scott will want for a production version.

8 04 2010

very very cool. i might look into this. i have been thinking up a framepack design for the pugs that uses all coroplast. i might try to do the same for the BD as well. i plan to draw up a pattern in illustrator and plot it out at work, then just lay it on a big piece of coro and cut it out and fold like a box. might start a blog just to make the pattern available to dl as a pdf.
thanks for sharing the info Vik, you rock!

8 04 2010

Thanks Vik!

As far as velcro straps go, they too are custom placed, and in this case, I knew that there was no front mech. to work around. Hence the placement of the straps on the seattube. For a bike with a conventional drivetrain, the straps could easily be placed to work around the derrailleur configuration of the bike.

I also think that a single compartment pack is a nice option for the Big Dummy. It makes the space in this triangle a bit more “useable” for bulkier items, like clothing layers.

These are cool bikes! I wish I had me one…and a Pugsley.


8 04 2010
gary sherck

Thanks, Vik, for all you share wit us. And to Dylan and to Alan who, too, have been kind to me along the Surly way.
Because of you guys, my next project will be a BD, but for this bike, I want to try to build myself; however, I think I need a LBS in Cleveland to install the BB and the Headset. Before then, I need to research my parts list, then check with you guys.

Scott, I am going to forward Vik’s post to Seattle friend who has a BD-type as he might find your frame bag handy.

8 04 2010

@Gary – the headset your LBS should install, but you can do the BB and the rest without trouble. You’ll have to buy or borrow a few tools, but they are good to have on hand when you are working on your bike and they aren’t crazy expensive.

Good choice on the BD probably tied with my Pugsley for coolest bike…=-)

8 04 2010

Thanks for all the good comments and vibes today guys!

Makes the sweatshop life seem that much more worth it!


8 04 2010

seriously awesome. so, should i get one of these or a stoke monkey? 🙂

8 04 2010

Reuben…..well I bet a custom frame bag won’t set you back $1000+….;-)

8 04 2010

That looks cool on the Big Dummy… but why seatbag on the Nomad? Wouldn’t a rack and trunk bag be cheaper while keeping the centre of mass lower?

9 04 2010

@ Malcom…the bag for my Santa Cruz Nomad mountain bike will sit along the downtube under the bike…pretty much as low as you can go…this full suspension bike isn’t really suited for a rear rack and trunk bag, not to mention that that combo would add a lot of unnecessary weight in the worst spot…the unsprung rear wheel area.

10 04 2010

Great idea, cool frame bag and a great blog. I’m in the process of fitting out my Big Dummy and your experiences have been great in informing me of what can work and what’s just cool has been great.

10 04 2010


BTW – I have an old Big Dummy specific blog at in case you haven’t seen it and want more BD info.

14 04 2010

Hey Vik and Scott,

Porcelain Rocket bags look fantastic and I am definitely intrigued. Where is your base of operations? I am interested in doing some bikepacking/ultra-light mixed terrain touring and your stuff looks perfect for the job.

So where does one find you besides on your blog (which doesn’t give me any clue as to where your business is located). I’m writing from Vancouver BTW.


14 04 2010

Scott is located in Banff AB and I’m in Calgary.

15 04 2010

Does he have a shop or is it custom orders only?

15 04 2010

He doesn’t have a web store if that’s what you mean. He’s building some seat and bar bags that will be production items since they’ll fit nearly any bike. So if you want a bag the best option is to email him via his blog or post a comment there with some idea of what you’d like and he’ll get back to you with details on options, cost, delivery times, etc…

22 04 2010

Hey Tyler,
Sorry about not posting sooner! Busy, busy! My email address is Drop me a line and we will chat!

Thanks for fielding all the questions Vik!


7 09 2010

Nice bag check out they have two frame packs for on and off road

23 11 2010
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