18″ Trek 7000 MTB For Sale [Sold!]

5 04 2010

Trek 7000

This bike belongs to my friend Sean. It’s been ridden lightly and has been freshly tuned up. It was made in the USA when Trek still did that sort of thing.

Rock Shox Judy XC

The Rock Shox Judy XC is a short travel fork by today’s standards, but it would be ideal for a urban assault commuter bike.  A set of 26 x 1.5″ City Slickers tires are included for fast urban riding.

Gripshift 7 speed...

7 speed gripshifters and canti brakes are old school, but do the job.

LX cranks and front derailleur...

Shimano LX up front…

Fresh new cassette and XT mech...

The cassette is new and the rear derailleur is an XT unit.

This bike is ready to roll for $230cdn.  Sean would rather sell locally, but if you need it shipped and will pay actually shipping costs I’m sure he’d agree.



2 responses

6 08 2010

Is this still available?

7 08 2010

Sorry it sold a while back.

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