TNF Pants

18 03 2011

North Face Paramount Pants...

I’ve been wearing a pair of North Face pants similar to these ones all week long. I have other pants with me, but for working in the field they kick the most ass.

What I like about them:

  • very rugged…I’ve had several pairs for 5-6yrs+ and never done any significant damage to them or worn them out.
  • lots of pockets
  • quick dry…I wash them in the shower to get the mud out and they are dry for the next morning
  • lightweight
  • look decent…dressy enough to go out for a nice dinner on a trip
  • reasonable cost given the performance
  • available in longer inseams…I like 34″ long pants

Scouting out frisbee spots in Death Valley...

What I don’t like:

  • they’ve got that “I’m ready to climb everest at any second” vibe that’s not always what I’m after
  • when converted to shorts they look uber nerdy!
  • I’d prefer just regular pants without the shorts, but I rarely see them in the 34″ inseam I like, but the shorts don’t cause an issue even though I never deploy them
  • lots of outdoor geeks own them so be ready to show up at the gear swap dressed like 4 other folks!

Mount Yamnuska...

For style and urban adventures I prefer the Prana pants I posted about recently. When things are going to get gnarly and I care more about toughness and functionality I’ll wear these North Face pants.