Prana Titan Pants

9 02 2011

Prana logo...

I’m hard on clothing and very picky about what I wear.  It has to be tough, look good [to me!] and be low maintenance.  Stuff that gets wrinkly easy or that looks dirty after one day on a trip doesn’t last long in my wardrobe.  My favourite outdoorsy pants for the last few years have been Prana Titan pants. I’ve got 3 or 4 pairs I bought at  Usually about once a year I treat myself to a fresh pair.

2 weeks since their last wash...

I like the fact that the material is tough and doesn’t show dirt/wear easily.  It’s also soft enough to feel good against your skin and doesn’t hold wrinkles.  I like wearing them around town without feeling like I’m about to go on an expedition, but when I’m hiking or biking I don’t regret wearing them.  I’ve got some The North Face pants I like as well, but they definitely have that “I’m about to summit everest” look to them…=-)   They roll up and stay rolled up with a couple buttons on the legs for warm weather and/or biking missions.  The material breathes well so you don’t get sweaty and dries fast when you fall into the ocean!

My oldest pair is 3yrs old and looks great.  These will be around for the long haul.

Definitely Vik-Approved…=-)



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9 02 2011

I’m a huge fan of Prana stuff. It’s usually the first place I look when I buy performance clothing that I need to look good too. Great stuff.

9 02 2011

Thanks. I never heard of Prana. I will definitely give them a shot. I like to wear Duluth Trading ( working clothing too, they’re rugged,comfortable too and relatively cheap. Their pants are designed with special panels for extra room for crouching and kneeing while working so incidentally, it makes them pretty good for cycling too. Their tops and turtlenecks are extra long with tails to cure “the plumbers butt” which again, makes them perfect for cycling as well.

10 02 2011
steve Fuller

Wish you had posted this a few days earlier. 🙂 I am getting to take a trip far down south and these would have been perfect. I could have likely fit all of my stuff into one bag.

11 02 2011

couldn’t find it in mec catalogue
must be a summer product

12 02 2011

@Alan – if you are looking at the MEC paper catalogue or their website it is notoriously lacking in products that the stores sell.

13 02 2011

I too love this brand. I had a gray pair very similar to these (since outgrown) that I wore all over Mexico. Super comfy and durable. I need a new pair.

18 03 2011

I like The Prana tops that I’ve had over the years, but I haven’t had much luck finding a pair of their pants that fit in retail stores. I’m tall and lean (I’m a cyclist, after all) and never seem to be able to find long sizes. Also, the Titan pants are not listed on their website at the moment. Maybe a seasonal item? Anyway, I’ll keep my eye out for these as it seems we have similar demands in clothing.

19 03 2011

@JT – stuff comes and goes…these Prana pants looks similar and have a 34″ inseam – available for sale online:

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