Heinz Stucke’s Bike Friday Pocket Llama…

25 03 2011

Heinz Stucke's PL...

I saw this Pocket Llama at Bike Friday HQ recently that Heinz Stucke rode for many miles on his far flung tours.

The man and the machine...

8spd Shimano Nexus IGH like my NWT...

I love all the place names he's written on the frame...

Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires...

Well earned dirt and rust...

If this bike could talk...

Heinz at Bike Friday HQ in Eugene OR...

I need to get my NWT dirty again...=-)

Frame tube detail...

Heinz made it to Hawaii - smart man....=-)

Faded pannier...

Photo: ridecc.wordpress.com



14 responses

25 03 2011
Rob Thomson

I don’t suppose you took note of the rear hub on it did you?

25 03 2011

Looks like a Shimano Nexus 8 IGH to me. The bike is sitting in the BF showroom so you could call them and ask them to double check if you like.

25 03 2011

I just wanted to say that I don’t think much of your new iPad template. Clunky and unintuitive, and hard to navigate. Please turn it off! Web sites should behave like web sites, not iPad apps!!!

Sorry for the rant, but the template really is a big step backwards in usability.

25 03 2011

Snoogly I have no idea what you are talking about. I haven’t changed anything about this blog’s layout in years. Maybe WordPress changed something, but that’s not in my control.

25 03 2011
Rob E.

All WordPress blogs now have a new iPad template. No clue whether or not individual blog owners have any control over it or not. It detects that you’re viewing the page on an iPad and formats accordingly, so other users/site owners will not notice any change.

25 03 2011
Rob E.
25 03 2011

Is that an internal frame backpack he’s got strapped on the back? Places the load a bit higher than panniers, but if packed right the heaviest stuff would likely be lower anyway. Excellent idea for this bike!

Also, looks like he kept his Brooks saddle for the new model. Of course.

25 03 2011
Micheal Blue

Thanks for posting the pics, Vik. It must hurt sitting on the bike’s seatpost only. I guess Heinz must have iron butt after so much travel, eh 🙂 Urbane Cycle has a Pocke Llama on display. I like it the most from the BF camp, because it has a sturdier frame and takes wide tires. I would (or will?) get a trailer, though.

26 03 2011
Sam Joslin

Thanks for passing these pictures along. A bicycle that also becomes a memory book is a rare form of technology indeed. And one of the few forms that depends on the passage of time, rather than the mastery of velocity, for its completion.

27 03 2011

Wow.. I met him over 10 years ago in Osaka, Japan. Keep on riding!


30 03 2011

WTH, one of city name is Capital city of North Korea…?!

11 04 2011

I read that he’s definitely been to North Korea (after the war), but I don’t remember how recent it was. More info here: http://www.bikechina.com/heinzstucke1z.html

28 01 2013
Glenn Blanchard

Bike Friday should hook him up with an entire new gear setup and send him off on a sponsored tour.

28 01 2013

I don’t think BF has the marketing budget to compete with Brompton.

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