Thorn Nomad S&S Mk1 Brochure

3 02 2010

Life is better with a Rohloff...=-)

As I posted recently Thorn has released a new version of the Nomad…which will now be known as the Nomad Mk2.  The Thorn website no longer has a link to the Nomad S&S Mk1 brochure.  So if you are a Nomad Mk1 owner and would like a copy just leave a comment on this post with your email.  I’ll send you a copy for your archives…=-)



19 responses

19 12 2010

Hi VIk , could you send me copy of mk1 brochure? thx, Looking for detailed geometry info that’s not available.

21 12 2010

Thanks much , a few clear differences (SS price full bike 200 GBP more)

30 07 2012
Stephen Lane

Hi. Do not know if it is too late.. .but if possible would be great to get a copy of the MK1 brochure? Thanks 🙂

30 07 2012

You can DL’d the Nomad brochure here:

30 07 2012

That is GREAt thank-you very much. I noticed a frame for sale and just wanted to read a little more before I made a decision. Is hard to find info on the MK1 as most Google links are to the MK2. Really appreciate the link the the PDF thank-you 🙂

30 07 2012

Glad to help Stephen 🙂

2 11 2012
Rob Thomas

I’d very much appreciate a copy of the MK 1 Nomad brochure please.

2 11 2012

@Rob – you can download it here:

28 11 2012
Rob Thomas

Thanks very much for the Mk1 Nomad brochure link

27 11 2013
Dave calvert

Hi, I hope it,s not too late to get a copy of the nomad mk 1 brochure. Ive had the bike for about 5 yrs, but somehow lost my original brochure. Cheers Dave

27 11 2013

@Dave Calvert – here you go:

11 03 2014

Hi It may be to late but I’m looking for a copy of the mk1 nomad brochure please would it be possible to post one. Thanks Steve

6 04 2014

@Steve – I sent the brochure by email. It’s 18MB which works on my end. Let’s see if your provider accepts files that large.

27 06 2014

Hi. Please could you send me information on the Thorn Nomad built in 2003.

16 08 2015

Hi can you please e-mail me the brochure pdf for the Nomad MK1 S&S, the above link does not work anymore.
I just bought one yesterday in near new condition, looking forward to riding it tomorrow.
Regards Alan

18 08 2015

Sorry Alan. I no longer have a copy.

25 04 2016
Terry Eve

Hi ya I just bought an Old Nomad Mk 1 from Sjs via ebay and would love a copy of the brochure if you are still able to email me one that would be great please! Regards Terry

1 05 2016

I no longer have the brochure sorry.

15 03 2017
Alfie Ross

It’s a pity Vik no longer has a copy, but if anyone who was lucky enough to get a copy before the brochure pdf was removed could you please send me a copy.
Regards Alf

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