406 Marathons for Sale

11 02 2010

Marathon 20" x 1.5"

These are spoken for…

I’ve got 4 Schwalbe Marathons in 20″ [406] x 1.5″ with wire bead size for sale.  They are new although they have all been used for 4-5kms.  No wear at all, but some minor dust/dirt in tread.  This is a great touring/commuting/utility tire for a folding bike or recumbent.

Schwalbe sells them for $35USD each + shipping = $155USD for all 4 shipped.

I’ll ship them to you anywhere in North America for $110USD – or you can pick them up for $90USD.

Free Challenge Rear Rack

11 02 2010

Fits metal Challenge recumbent seats...

Rack has been taken…thanks!

I’m giving away this brand new never used rear rack that fits metal Challenge recumbent seats.  It may require minor drilling on some seats.

If you are local just come on over and pick it up.  If you need it shipped I’ll ship it anywhere in North America for $30USD.

The same type of rack installed on a Challenge bent...

Free Bike Stuff…

11 02 2010

100% Free!

I’ve got a bin of bike stuff that I need to get rid of.  I’ll be taking it to a local bike coop in a week or so.  If you want a crack at what’s in it drop by before then.  There is lots of potentially useful items in it…no junk.

Passion of Carving

11 02 2010

Thanks for the link to this video Tobias!…=-)