Free Skis

9 02 2010

Free skis & poles...

I’m getting rid of these for a friend….they are free with local pick up:

  • Head skis [185cm] – not sure if bindings work
  • TUA skis [185cm]
  • ski poles [120cm]

Fenders for Pugsley

9 02 2010

Alan's Surly Pugsley w/ Fenders

I’ve been thinking about coroplast fenders for my Pugsley, but I’ve been too lazy to actually DIY.  Alan on the other hand made some very nice fenders for his Pugsley shown above.

“Got my fenders finished 2 weekends ago and thought I would share. I used the common corrugated plastic material from the sign shop (sometimes called coroplast, the stuff i got actually had a different name that i can’t remember). I gave them a good test riding through our big forested park atop the ridge to the west yesterday. The conditions were super muddy and there were LOTS of puddles. The fenders did their job amazingly well. They aren’t too pretty, but I don’t think I will be taking them off. Ever. They also didn’t get in my way at all, which was a concern. I didn’t even notice them except for how well they were working. BTW, It was super fun riding down the steep descents in the mud on the pugs. Not so much riding as much as gliding.

Check it out here:

There are some more detailed fender shots in that set too.

I am contemplating a redesign of the fenders in the future. Currently the clearance of the bottom of the front fender to the ground is just 3-4in. While this is great in the rain (and the puddles), I am afraid it won’t clear rocks and fair well in snow. My goal is to move the bottom fender stay up a few inches by angling a steel rod for a stay. I will also use some flat aluminum bar instead of ‘weaving’ the plastic. This will pick the bottom edge of the fender up about 3in, and then i can replace that piece of fender with a mudflap.”