Folders in Victoria BC

26 02 2010

Sharon on the move in Victoria BC...

I’m in Victoria BC for a few days.  My friend who is staying here has wisely brought two Brompton folding bicycles with her.  Naturally Sharon and I got out on them as quickly as we could for some exploring.  It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to unfold each bike, but once we got them on the road it was well worth the effort.

Lovely waterfront view...

We cruised along the waterfront in the Oak Bay area just enjoying the mild temperatures and lovely views. It was nice to see so much in the way of bicycle infrastructure.  Clearly pedestrians and cyclists are a priority in this town.

Sharon ready to roll....

I was really happy to have a bike to ride, but a day of riding a Brompton has certainly made me appreciate how great my Bike Friday Tikit is.  The Tikit rides much better, folds much more nicely and feels like a real bike.  The Brompton definitely folds smaller than my Tikit, but it’s a hassle to fold/unfold and always lets you know you are riding a folder.

....another amazing view

We dropped by Oak Bay Cycles to grab a cycling map of Victoria and chat with the staff.  Like everyone we’ve met in Victoria they were super friendly and really stoked about the city.  We left with some fun cycling ideas and headed to an English tea house for a warm cup of tea.

Mandatory helmet law in BC...*sigh*

I don’t love the mandatory helmet law for cyclists in BC, but at least the obvious priority cyclists get in the traffic planning here makes me feel like it’s worth doing what the authorities want if they’ll do lots of great stuff for cyclists.  Happily there was a stylie Bern helmet in my size available.

Fun with folders...

So far I’ve really been stoked to see so many cyclists, the respect cyclists get from drivers, fenders on all the bikes and people of all ages riding bikes for transportation. Victoria gets two thumbs up from a cycling perspective.

Water Porn!

We’ve got the weekend to explore some more and enjoy spring in BC before heading back to Calgary.  Hopefully we’ll return to some snow and great snowboarding….*fingers crossed*

Spring has sprung!

Croc Beach Review

26 02 2010

Crocs so ugly you gotta love 'em...

In the spirit of Croc simplicity I’m going provide a stripped down review!

  • used ’em for 3yrs
  • ugly, but lovable
  • cheap-ish
  • last about 1yr regular use till tread is gone
  • floats
  • comfortable even for my problem feet
  • easy to slip on and off
  • very light, bulky
  • feet breathe well
  • usually have a pair with me on a trip
  • several styles for different foot shapes [I heart the Beach]

My Crocs in Baja...