Norco Corsa 1 for my GF?

6 02 2010

Norco Corsa 1

Sharon is looking to get a new bike.  This would be a city bike for commuting, errand running and leisure rides.  She had a look at the bikes at Bow Cycle today and test rode a Norco Corsa 1.  She liked it and is thinking of buying one.  Just wondering if this blog’s readers had any suggestions for other similar bikes she should consider.

Her priorities are:

  • budget ~$850cdn
  • needs moderate gear range [Alfine/Nexus 8 okay]
  • wants low maintenance IGH
  • something she could ride 5-50kms
  • can accept a front basket and rear rack
  • chain guard
  • fenders
  • kickstand
  • upright seating [but not uber laid back like a cruiser]
  • comfort [saddle/suspension/etc…]
  • step through frame
  • needs to look stylish

One possibility I found:

Globe Live 2 Mixte

Globe Live 2 Mixte

Thorn Sterling – Sold!

6 02 2010
Thorn Sterling

Thorn Sterling

I’ll probably be regretting this 6 months from now, but I’ve been struck with the urge to streamline my bike fleet.  I bought this bike while my foot was buggered this past winter and wanted to tinker on a project.  This bike is a very versatile frame that can be built up in a number of cool configurations.

  • enduro MTB
  • touring MTB
  • full on touring bike [add in the rigid Thorn Mt. Tura fork]
  • commuter bike

My plan was to set it up as a touring MTB with a rear rack and suspension fork.  Think lightweight touring in Costa Rica.  Dump the bags in a cheap hotel and go ride the trails up and down a volcano.  Or a lightweight hut to hut tour in the Swiss Alps.

Your imagination is the limit with what you could do with this frame. If you get the rigid Thorn Mt. Tura fork you could have one bike that is your MTB, your adventure tourer and your full on touring machine with a swap of forks and tires – pretty cool.

Somethings to consider:

  • the frame has disc tabs as well and canti studs so you can run whatever type of brakes you want
  • the Fox fork I’m selling with it is disc brake only
  • you can get a rigid touring fork from Thorn if you want to make this frame into a full on touring machine
  • this is a Rohloff specific frame, but you could fit a Shimano Alfine IGH or something similar
  • the frame has clearance for massive 2.4″ tires plus loads of mud or smaller tires and fenders
Shimano SLX hydro brakes

Front View

What you are buying:

  • a steel Thorn Sterling 590 [med/large]  frame powder coated bad ass black [click here for Thorn bike PDF]
  • Fox Float RLC 100 fork
  • FSA 100mm stem
  • FSA headset
  • a small bottle of touch up paint
  • a Thorn EBB tool

The frame was assembled into a bike and was ridden a few block to test everything out.  It then got hung up in my office as it was winter out and I didn’t want to thrash the bike in the salt/sand.  The frame, fork & headset are brand new and are in perfect condition.  The stem came from another bike and has been used, but is in good condition.

As with all Thorns the build quality and attention to detail are superlative.

If you are at all interested it’s worth reading the Thorn Sterling brochure so you understand what this bike is all about.

Rear end detail

Rear end detail

So why am I selling it?

Bottom-line I have a full on touring MTB – a Thorn Nomad S&S and a full on MTB – a Santa Cruz Nomad.  I got these bikes after the Sterling and they sort of squeezed the the Sterling out of the mix.  Frankly I was so stoked by the Sterling [fit and finish] that I got motivated to spend a lot more $$$ on the Thorn Nomad S&S…sort of like a gateway drug!

Cost for frame/Fox fork $700USD + $50 shipping  [anywhere in North America].  To buy the frame and fork new would be $1100USD.

I’ll ship the frame alone for $400USD and the fork alone for $400USD – [shipping incl]

Please read this post carefully as not everything shown in the photos [ie. wheels, brakes, cranks, pedals & Rohloff] is going to show up in the box at your door.

A possible Thorn Sterling build....