Thorn Nomad S&S Mk1 Brochure

3 02 2010

Life is better with a Rohloff...=-)

As I posted recently Thorn has released a new version of the Nomad…which will now be known as the Nomad Mk2.  The Thorn website no longer has a link to the Nomad S&S Mk1 brochure.  So if you are a Nomad Mk1 owner and would like a copy just leave a comment on this post with your email.  I’ll send you a copy for your archives…=-)

Endomorph Power!

3 02 2010

I love the big rubber!

8 weeks of riding the beaches and deserts of Baja this winter on my Surly Endomorph tires this winter [no slime or tire liners either]…even though I pulled a lot of thorns from these tires I had zero flats!…that’s what I’m talking ’bout…=-)