What’s left for 2009?

27 08 2009
Kurt gets another drop in the bucket...Moab UT

Kurt gets another drop in the bucket...Moab UT

I’m happy to report that 2009 has been a great year for bikes, boards and travel.  Although snowboarding and kiteboarding do cut into some potential bike time it’s really nice to be able to switch things up and use my body in different ways.  Now that we are about to hit September I can already see 2010 creeping up on me so what’s left to do for the rest of 2009?

  • I’m off to Burning Man this weekend and will be gone for a little over a week.  Besides music, dancing, art and other forms of mayhem on the playa I’ll be riding my Surly Pugsley as well as flying kites and riding my landboard under kite power.
  • the rest of September and October I’ll be trying to fit in some fall mountain biking while the weather is cool and dry.
  • at the start of November I’m hoping to get away for a week of riding in Moab Utah.  I’m really keen on riding the whole of Porcupine Rim.  The upper section of this trail was snowed in when we were there in Feb ’09.
  • in a perfect world I’d also like to get away to South Padre Island Texas for a week of kiteboarding in late November.  However, things at work would have to line up with the stars to make Moab and this trip both happen.  At the moment if I can only do one I’d rather get my Santa Cruz Nomad dusty in Moab.  Tough choices!
  • at some point when the snow starts flying the Pugsley will get the call to tackle some urban assault winter biking action.
  • starting around the middle of Dec I should be headed to Baja for 3-4 weeks of kiteboarding and Pugsley beach/mtn bike action.  I’m really excited for a chance to explore a whole new side of Baja.

And that’s it!  Wow the year sure went by fast…2010 here I come…=-)



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