2010 The Plan…

28 08 2009
Castle Mtn here I come...

Castle Mtn here I come...

Here is my plan for 2010:

  • as soon as I’m back from Baja I’ll be hitting up Castle Mountain Resort for some powder surfing.  That will continue until they close in April with a keen eye on the snow reports we’ll focus on the steep and deep days.  I was interested in some heli/cat boarding, but with a new truck that’s not financially practical.
  • urban assault Pugsley action will also continue through the winter from downtown rambles to trips to Canmore the mountain bike is no longer idle in winter!
  • I’d like to do another 3-4 week work-cation in Feb/March like I did in 2009.  I’m thinking splitting the time 1/3 Moab mtn biking and 2/3 South Padre Island Texas kiteboarding.  We’ll work in the AM, ride and then work in the PM….work, play, work…=-)
  • I’d like to get in a short bike tour in May as well as start road riding early when the snow is gone.
  • June will see a trip to the Mojave for the 17 year moontribe anniversary gathering and some trips to Keho Lake for kiteboarding.
  • In July I’d like to take a good chunk of my summer holidays to kiteboard at Lake Nitinat BC.
  • sometime in June/July/Aug I want to take a 4 day weekend and do an uber light assault on the GDR.  I’d ditch the panniers and carry a lot less gear riding much farther every day.
  • In September I’d like to head back to Nitinat for a last gasp of Canadian kiteboarding.
  • September/October I’ll be poaching as much mountain biking as the weather allows.
  • an early November trip to Moab seems like a good idea.
  • finally I’ll close the year out with another kiteboarding and Pugsley trip to Baja.

Gosh…I’m tired just writing that all down!  Should be a blast…=-)