Bike Friday Tikit Porteur Rack…

5 06 2012

My Tikit porteur loaded up…

I’ve been meaning to share some photos of my Bike Friday Tikit loaded up with cargo on the custom porteur rack I had built.

Locked, loaded and on the move…

I got my inspiration from Alex Wetmore’s blog posts about the custom PR rack he built for his own Tikit.

The box almost hides the bike!

Having tried all the available racks for the Bike Friday Tikit I think the PR style rack offers the most capability for a variety of loads as long as you are okay with a slightly wider fold.

At the UPS Store…

You certainly can’t beat the ease of placing a box or bag on the PR rack and securing it with one strap.

Worm’s eye view…

The low forward position of the cargo minimizes the impact on handling and it’s right in front of you so you know the status of any precious cargo.

A wider folded profile with the PR rack…

The Tikit rolls and folds normally with the PR rack in place, but the overall width is larger which may not suit folks who take their Bike Friday on busy public transport. I don’t ride the bus with my bike so this isn’t an issue for me.

Rear of the bike is empty…

I rarely need more cargo hauling capacity than the front PR rack provides, but the whole rear of the Tikit is empty for carrying another box or a couple full-size panniers on a folding touring rack.

The PR rack off the Tikit…

If you are keen on one of these racks for your Bike Friday there is sadly no production source at this time. However, there are a number of custom fabrication options in most towns that can replicate this rack if they have your bike and some photos to work from.

BTW – if you are wondering why they are called “porteur”racks or PR racks it’s because in French “porteur”means Pretty Rad = “PR”….;



6 responses

5 06 2012

thank you for the photos. 🙂

5 06 2012

Surely there are engineering solutions to providing both a wide support and a narrow fold. Perhaps a narrow rack and a snap-on wide deck….

5 06 2012

so CETMA won’t make any more, no matter how much someone offers?

5 06 2012

In regards to CETMA I can only pass on what I was told. That is that Lane wasn’t interested in building production PR racks. He’s a businessman so you can always make him an offer, but it would be ideal to provide the fabricator with your Tikit while he builds the rack so working with someone local may make more sense.

5 06 2012

Can you build a quick release PR rack? Sure if you have fabrication skills or enough money to throw at it.

Would I bother going that route? No. I don’t see the point for my Tikit rides.

21 06 2012

I think it might also be called Porteur because the French definition is:
noun, masculine, feminine
(possesseur) holder, bearer;
médiéval: carrier.

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