Fresh Crocs!

6 06 2012

I love a new pair of Crocs…

Okay this may tarnish my image as a style icon, but I wear Crocs more than all my other footwear put together…;-) They are comfortable for my troublesome feet that usually demand orthotics and so easy to slide on/off for my missions that require frequent footwear removal.

Not hard to tell which ones are new…

Crocs are excellent for wet weather use which suits the climate around here and the fact I spend a lot of time at the beach.

Not good…

The only trouble is once the tread wears off they can get uber slippery on wet surfaces like my deck!

Problem solved…

I’ve been slowly wearing out my Croc fleet in Victoria and having a hard time finding replacements locally. After enough near death experiences I finally found an online source in Canada to replenish my Crocs. I’ll keep the old ones to take down to Baja where wet surface traction isn’t important and looking a bit gnarly is par for the course.



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6 06 2012
Rob E. Loomis

I have a difficult foot to fit and other, self-imposed, footware restrictions (no leather) that make finding shoes a challenge. Last winter I finally stopped in at the Croc store at the mall. After years of hearing my wife make fun of them, I knew it wouldn’t be a popular decision, but it sure has been a comfortable one. I have spent very little time biking in them, because my Keen sandals have been my bike shoe of choice, but I can see them in that role, and I definitely see more Crocs in my future.

6 06 2012

SPD Crocs?

6 06 2012

Given my near complete use of flat pedals on my bikes riding in Crocs isn’t a problem at all. 😉

6 06 2012

Maybe you can DIY some siping for the tread. Similar to what a Sperry Topsider has for its boat shoe.

7 06 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

I live waterside, and wont wear anything else . For getting in and out of the water with the Labs , hacking around the garage, and the yard … They cant be beat. Keens, Teeva’s , are all so expensive, and they all seem to suffer from low instep volume. Not comfy for my super high arches. I know they are so 5 years ago , but i dont care. Im lucky that I live near an outlet mall that has a crocks outlet store.. Super cheap and you get the styles you dont see everyday.

7 06 2012

@Greg – I was pretty shocked to see all the styles you can get online. I have Crocs for a year or two now, but next time I order I’ll try something different.

7 06 2012

@Brian – my old Crocs look so ghetto I was embarrassed to wear them in public. I’ll just save them for the desert and the beach where tread doesn’t matter and style is not a priority.

7 06 2012

I’ve been wearing the Specialist vent at work for a couple of years now & they have lasted well thus far. A bit tougher than the standard Caimen/bayou models…

8 06 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

I like my new offroads.. real grippy

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