A ruthlessly streamlined fleet…

4 06 2012

Santa Cruz Nomad – mountain biking….

I was war gaming a really aggressively stripped down bike fleet recently.

On One Scandal 29er – bikepacking…

These are the bikes I’d keep.

Boulder Bicycle All Road – brevets/road biking…

Not saying I’m about to do anything rash.

Surly Big Dummy – cargo bike/touring bike…

This is just a mental exercise at this point.

Bike Friday Tandem Traveller XL – road biking and touring…

But, you never know!

Bike Friday Tikit – commuter bike and errand rides…



10 responses

4 06 2012

No fat tyres and no trucking, not to mention a few others… Difficult even as a mental exercise! How serious is the need?
Might catch you when I’m visiting Scott in a few weeks time – would be nice to say hello.


4 06 2012
Doug M.

i love that six bikes is radically pairing it down 🙂 i’ve got four hard workers and a fifth in the works. then it’s snow bike time!

4 06 2012

for me its
– bike friday tikit (errands & commuting)
– surly long haul trucker (long rides)
– christiania box cycle (when I need to haul cargo)
– marin belvedere hybrid (when i’m concerned about bike theft)

4 06 2012

I am missing your BD posts lately… 🙂

4 06 2012
bike wrider

I second Gerco’s sentiment.

4 06 2012

That’s a great list, but with your collection it’s hard to go wrong. I think I could get by quite well with just the dummy, the pugsley and the tikit…

4 06 2012

Not enough room for all the bikes now that the rats have moved into the garage? 🙂

4 06 2012
doug d

I would be left with the Mukluk, the CETMA and the cross check. I am in the process of paring down to that plus a hardtail mtb, a single speed commuter mtb, and a tandem that I haven’t even purchased yet.

7 06 2012

What is really stopping me from doing any serious paring down of the fleet is that I wouldn’t get that much $$ from the bikes I cut. So the benefit is mostly space generation/reclamation in the garage.

I haven’t been riding the Big Dummy as much as I did in Calgary. Different variables in relation to how I ride and where things are relative to home. I do have some maintenance I need to do to my Rohloff in the Dummy. Once I get her sorted you’ll see more riding stories.

10 06 2012

Nice Fleet! just arrived yesterday in sooke, fancy a ride ride? shops are closed today, so thinking about poking around harbouview shortly… Will get a map tomorrow… Drop a text if you’re available! Eric from Idaho: 208-921-8148

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