I kinda like not knowing…

5 06 2011

Time to fly!

The summer kiteboarding season has just started on Vancouver Island. With 3 months of consistently good winds and fun lakeside camping adventures ahead I find myself facing the possibility of missing a good chunk of the action due to a few out of town projects on my radar. Now I’d rather be at home all summer so I could ride my bikes and fly my kites during our ever so brief Canadian summer, but I do have to work to pay for all the toys and travels so what must be must be!

Interestingly the uncertainty about my summer work commitments has had a positive impact on my kite and bike activities. Typically knowing I had a whole summer of good times ahead I might not get too excited about any one day in particular – especially early season when conditions are not at their best. But, at the moment facing the risk I may well be away for 50%+ of the summer, I’m taking advantage of each opportunity to recreate and savouring the moment without much thought for the next time since I have no idea when the next time might be.

Speaking of which I’m spending the weekend up at Nitnaht Lake getting my kiteboard on and loving every moment!…=-)