Off The Beaten Path

4 12 2010

Cover Winter 2010 Issue of Bicycle Quarterly

I don’t read very many magazines, but one I try not to miss is Bicycle Quarterly published by Jan Heine.  It features detailled reviews and interesting articles for the practical cyclist as well as the aspiring randonneur.  The trouble is that I usually get through an issue in a few hours and they are only published 4 times per year so that leaves a lot of the year with no BQ or a lot of rereading my old issues.  The good news is that Jan now has a blog called Off The Beaten Path which provides us an opportunity to get some extra BQ content between issues and allows Jan a way to provide extra content that couldn’t be included in the limited pages of his magazine.  Sounds like a win – win to me!

Since we are talking about blogs originating in the PNW Alex Wetmore has started a new one called Rough Stuff Cycling Northwest to share info about backroad rides in the US NW.

And speaking of off the beaten path Cycle 9 is having an interview with one of the Riding the Spine crew next Tuesday.



3 responses

4 12 2010

they had jerseys with front pockets!?

4 12 2010

That’s wear they kept the bon bons!…=-)

4 12 2010

RE: front pockets

He must normally ride a recumbent around town!

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