31 10 2012

New and old Kenda Nevegals…

I noticed Sharon’s rear hub was loose on the axle and that her tires were worn. They are the stock Kenda Nevegals from 3yrs ago. Sharon started off slow, but has been riding more and more each year so they are no longer fresh. If this was summer we’d keep rolling on them with so much traction available until they were really thrashed, but winter is upon us and South Shore Vancouver Island trails are slick as snot. Sharp knobs and fresh rubber make a world of difference on the wet roots, rocks and muddy trails. So we scored her a brand new set of Nevegals in 26 x 2.35″ width [they run narrow] with the DTC dual tread compound for maximum traction. I’ll probably set Sharon up tubeless next summer, but for the winter we’ll run tubes to make it simple for her.

Giving the wheels some love…

Since we had the wheels out we serviced the hubs [front was okay] and tensioned the spokes. Wheels on a mountain bike have a hard life so giving them a little love is only fair.

We’ll try and remember to pull the new tires off at the start of the summer so they are nice and toothy for next winter. The old tires can go on for another summer season.

Props to Santa Cruz – both our Nomads have been uber low maintenance and trouble free for many years. 🙂