Krampi have landed!

7 05 2013
Surly Krampus complete...

Surly Krampus complete…

I just noticed that The Fairfield Bicycle Shop has 3 Surly Krampus complete bikes in stock [small, medium & large] if you are Knard curious and on the island. The complete bikes seem very nice. If I was doing it over I’d be tempted to buy a complete rather than build a bike up from a frame to take advantage of the OEM cost parts.

I got my Krampus frame/fork and tires from Fairfield. They got my order sorted out quickly and the price was competitive with the US mail-order options.

The Krampus is proving to be a very fun bike to ride and Surly has managed to tweak the front end geometry so those big tires don’t suck the life out of the steering. In fact you very quickly forget you are riding an unusual MTB and just enjoy the great traction and comfy ride.

These bad boys are worth a test ride if you are in the market for a rigid 29er. ūüôā

Giving Thanks!

28 09 2011

It's blue, it's new and shiny and it's ready to roll...

Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up soon. We have ours early so we get to eat all the freshest juicest Turkeys and then we freeze and dry out what’s left over and sell them in the US when their Thanksgiving holiday rolls around…hahahaha…=-)

So I wanted to say thank you to:

  • Aaron Mankowske
  • The Fairfield Bicycle Shop
  • NRG [Canadian Surly Distributors]
  • The Surly Mothership

When we realized Sharon’s Surly Cross Check fork was bent after a moron rammed her on the way to work this summer we were bummed. Replacement forks are available, but only in black. That meant buying a new fork and trying to get it colour matched to the frame or getting both powder coated. Whichever way you slice it the result was going to be expensive and a hassle. I asked a Surly dealer [who shall not be named] if they could get me a blue fork to match Sharon’s frame. They made some calls and came back with a “…no chance…only black forks are available…” That’s what I expected so I asked Aaron to order me a fork through The Fairfield Bicycle Shop.

Aaron and Fairfield took the not insignificant step of calling/emailing NRG and Surly a number of times to investigate the possibility of a blue fork being obtained. I know this was a PITA for them and given the mark up on the fork not worth their time or trouble. On the other end someone at Surly had to listen to these requests and figure out a way to help us out. That meant getting NRG the Canadian Surly distributor involved. Keeping in mind everyone involved spent more $$$ worth of time on all this than they would make off selling a several complete bikes let alone the few bucks they’d make on a single fork.

The end result of this kindness and consideration is that Sharon has a brand new Surly Cross Check fork in the exact same Robin’s Egg blue as her frame. That means that she’ll be putting away her gnarly old commuter mountain bike and riding her kick ass uber Cross Check Commuter Assault Rig…=-)

Both Sharon and I say a sincere thank you to everyone who played a part in getting this fork to us…=-)

BTW – if you are ever choosing between buying something at your LBS or saving a few bucks by ordering online keep this story in mind.

I’m sponsored by Catrike!

15 03 2011

I'm never standing up again...=-)

Hahaha…just kidding. I only wish I was a sponsored Catriker…=-) I helped my boss buy a Catrike Expedition just like this one. Sweet rig.

Do I look like a natural born triker?

The nice folks at Fairfield Bicycle let me ride this Catrike around their store a bit, but they said if I scratched the paint or burned too much rubber I’d have to¬†buy¬†it. So I kept it under 15kph…=-)

If you don’t know what a Catrike is watch these videos.

Fairfield Bicycle Shop

26 12 2010

Fairfield Bicycle Shop - Victoria BC....

I don’t really have a LBS in Victoria where I feel as at home as Bow Cycle in Calgary. ¬†Maybe that’s going to take a lot longer. Maybe that won’t ever happen. However, I have to give the Fairfield Bicycle Shop some credit. I’ve been looking for some odd parts this year that I fully expected I would have to order online. ¬†In each case I figured I might as well try and buy local if I could, but really didn’t expect to be successful. ¬†And in each case Fairfield had exactly what I was looking for.

For example they had a Rohloff dual wheel chain tensioner. ¬†Exactly what I needed. ¬†$50 less than the best online price I had found and available right away so I could finish my bike build. ¬†You can’t really ask for more than that.

Merry Christmas Fairfield Bicycle Shop!

Thanks Fairfield Bicycle Shop!

13 09 2010

Rohloff dual pulley chain tensioner...

As I was getting close to finishing my CETMA cargo bike build I realized I had forgotten to order a Rohloff dual pulley chain tensioner…*sigh*…a critical component if I wanted to get my new bike on the road. ¬†Since no LBS have stocked Rohloff parts in my experience I usually order this stuff from the UK or the US. ¬†Both of which would likely take 7 days to get the part to me if it was in stock.

I really wanted a Rohloff tensioner as I have had good luck with the one on my Surly Big Dummy. Additionally having two means I can always cannibalize one to get the other bike rolling and they can share spare parts.

I was on the phone with the Fairfield Bicycle Shop and had the crazy idea of asking them – “…you guys don’t have a Rohloff dual pulley chain tensioner in stock….do you?…” ¬†The fellow I was talking to said he’d look and to my¬†amazement¬†he came back on the phone and said he did! ¬†Better yet it was priced at $50 less than the best online price I could find…sweet!

I know how much hassle and cost is involved stocking obscure high-end bike parts so I definitely appreciated the significance of getting this part locally, at a great price with no shipping delay.

Free Air…

6 05 2010

I needed air on my urban assault ride around Victoria...

…and Fairfield Bicycles has free air outside the shop…I like it!…=-)