24″ Single Speed…

1 02 2011

David's Yellow Crocs from Flickr...

Since Sharon’s been in town the fact I only have 1 bike here means we’ve been walking everywhere.  Although I love my bikes there is an undeniable simplicity about walking. No need for equipment beyond my crocs.  No mandatory helmet laws.  No locks.  Just one foot in front of another.

It’s also surprising how far you can walk comfortably if you’re chatting and the weather doesn’t suck.

I’m not about to sell all my bikes and acquire a fleet of crocs…lol…but I’ll be enjoying my 24″ gear single speed adventures for the rest of Sharon’s visit…=-)

Croc Beach Review

26 02 2010

Crocs so ugly you gotta love 'em...

In the spirit of Croc simplicity I’m going provide a stripped down review!

  • used ’em for 3yrs
  • ugly, but lovable
  • cheap-ish
  • last about 1yr regular use till tread is gone
  • floats
  • comfortable even for my problem feet
  • easy to slip on and off
  • very light, bulky
  • feet breathe well
  • usually have a pair with me on a trip
  • several styles for different foot shapes [I heart the Beach]
  • www.crocs.com

My Crocs in Baja...